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Paperback is a card game where players create words using individual letters. Gameplay is for 2-5 players and typically takes 45 minutes. To play, you score words in order to buy better letters with cool abilities. But scoring won't win the game - you must finish novels to make it as a paperback writer!

Game Contents
  • Sturdy Two-Piece Box
  • 200+ Grey-Core Linen-Finish Cards
  • Full Color Instructions
  • Wooden Counters
  • Dividers for Organizing
Product Reviews

"I love word games and I love deck builders - now I can get both in one game! Paperback is a blast to play, and much easier to get into for my less geeky friends than many of the other fantasy-themed deck building games." -Jeff Cannata of the Totally Rad Show

"Paperback is a terrific game for just about anyone. Serious gamers can geek out on the clever use of deckbuilding mechanisms in a classic word game. Casual players can enjoy the easy gameplay and creativity they express in their word choices each turn. Families can delight in the well-disguised educational value and very obvious fun Paperback provides. Our family and friends have had a great time playing Paperback and I know you will, too." -Eric R. Burgess of Boardgame Babylon

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