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Mysterious murders, mad scientists, and secret codes: take on the roles of Edgar P. Jacobs' famous characters and solves these strange cases to bring about order and justice. But take care! The villainous Olrik is on the prowl and he'll try to foil your plans.

The game is cooperative: each player embodies one of the illustrated characters and has access to some information via their personal booklet. Then the players whisper clues to each other in the course of 4 specific phases, so that everyone can try to piece together the solution of the case, which takes a bit of memory, logical analysis, concentration, and sense of humor, because the cases contain a few traps. Be ready for the challenges.


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  • Great game. A fun combination of deduction and party-like game.
  • I thought this game was an interesting game of Telephone, but it's odd to me that you need to share with everyone your clues that you know, plus the clues you've learned, without them revealing any information to you. Beyond that, the final group score is dependent on the other people in the group and how well they did. It's fun, but I don't think I've got the right group for this, and there's a limited amount of times to play it.
  • Played once, was allright. No need to buy this one though.
  • It's definitely different, that's for sure. I'm not much into puzzles, but the structure really does have to be played to appreciate. If it didn't end in a puzzle, I'd likely rate it much higher.

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