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moverse en el mapa para explorar ruinas


by klz

Lots of luck, but completely within the theme. Too light if you're looking for a strategy game, but the gambling aspect of finding treasure or pulling out more dirt is more fun than it has a right to be.


cool little push your luck game.


Rating after two plays {2p and 4p} I like this game because it is a lot of fun. It shouldn't take much thought and the neat "week" mechanism ensures variable turn order. Well worth the money and the time investment of roughly 90 minutes. **Update 2008/02/18** {3p} I am downgrading this from 7.25->7.0 because it goes on a little longer than it should. As an introductory game, it doesn't have a strong "fun" factor. Perhaps it the people I play with? **Update** 2008/06/06 {1play,4p} Much better with 4. Luck is a strong factor but was able to play in 75 min so that's a good thing. 7->6.5 Bought 2007/11/08 Sold 2008/09/20 - Fallcon 21