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We all enjoyed our first game - who doesn't enjoy it when an opponent draws 8 sand tiles ;-)


some very original machanics in this game. also plays quickly.


This game has been criticized for having too much luck in the tile pull mechanic. I disagree. I think it's fine as it is. The game is interesting, but the endgame has some drag affiliated with it, as one considers what the last actions are going to be. It's a solid game though, and fun with the kids, which is a huge plus.


Only one game so my opinion could change after further games. Having turns dictated by who has taken the least time so far was a novel game mechanic for me. Needing to be first to each city to have the best chance of getting something other than dirt also made it not wise to simply stock up and head off to 'dig up' the most possible tiles.


Spoke too soon on the 10 rating...just played a 2-player game and it is not as exiting (though still enjoyable). The tension of getting to digs quickly for a better chance at finding treasures are nearly non-existent as it seems easy to focus on digs your opponent are not working on. High points still remain: the randomness/luck factor of card play and treasure digs make each game different (though that is exactly what will turn some people away).


moverse en el mapa para explorar ruinas


by klz

Lots of luck, but completely within the theme. Too light if you're looking for a strategy game, but the gambling aspect of finding treasure or pulling out more dirt is more fun than it has a right to be.


cool little push your luck game.


Rating after two plays {2p and 4p} I like this game because it is a lot of fun. It shouldn't take much thought and the neat "week" mechanism ensures variable turn order. Well worth the money and the time investment of roughly 90 minutes. **Update 2008/02/18** {3p} I am downgrading this from 7.25->7.0 because it goes on a little longer than it should. As an introductory game, it doesn't have a strong "fun" factor. Perhaps it the people I play with? **Update** 2008/06/06 {1play,4p} Much better with 4. Luck is a strong factor but was able to play in 75 min so that's a good thing. 7->6.5 Bought 2007/11/08 Sold 2008/09/20 - Fallcon 21