Winerd is a wine tasting game developed to educate players about wine. The players provide 3 different bottles of red or white wines. Play begins with each player (or team) tasting the 3 wines and taking notes about the wine's color, smell, and taste as well as noting the wine's name, vintage, and region of origins.

Each turn, players draw a trivia card which asks a question about wine. If the player answers correctly, they advance 1 space. Each player also has 3 bonus/challenge cards which can be played to either double their movement (a bonus) or force another player to answer the question (a challenge). If a player correctly answers the bonus they move ahead 2 spaces. If a player is challenged and answers incorrectly, the challenger moves 2 spaces. however, if they answer correctly, the challenged player moves 2 spaces

Spaced around the board are 4 Blind Taste Test squares. Whenever a player lands on one of these, another player secretly pours a glass of any one of the 3 wines. The player who landed on the taste test now must name the selected wine, its vintage, and the region or country it came from. For each correct answer they move forward 1 space.

On the final test you must name the wine selected and poured for you. If you are correct, you win the game.

Here is the description from the back of the box:

Winerd (as in wine nerd) is the wine tasting game that crushes grape fears by presenting amusing wine facts at every turn. With Winerd the steps of wine tasting will be easy to learn, yet telling the difference between your wines might be more challenging than you would think. You'll be amazed at what your taste buds can teach you(tm)! The first player or team to taste their way to the Winerd Circle wins the game and becomes a Winerd. With different friends and different wines it's a whole new game every time!

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