Clans of Caledonia

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FOR SALE FOR TRADE Brain burning engine builder with unique player abilities. Prone to analysis paralysis, unfortunately. Great use of a market and tough decisions. Good player interaction. INCLUDED: GeekUp Bag Set: Clans of Caledonia




Being of Scottish heritage, any new game set in that setting catches my eye. One with decent art and interesting game play jumps to the top of my list to at least try. Having done just that did not drop this off my list to acquire. If anything it galvanized my desire to own the game.


KS backed 28/4 Received 4/11 First game in - 2 player & lots of ways to score. Second game - 4 player - did really badly and took quite a lot to explain rules. 3rd game in and really starting to see how the different elements interact and enjoying this.


Includes Meeple Realty insert.


An enjoyable, engaging game with high quality components and lots to think about. The different mechanisms: buildings, maps, contracts, market all work together quite seamlessly. The production quality is lovely: all the different wooden bits are completely adorable and fun.


Kickstarter basic edition.


Not as good as I thought it would be. All of the different boards and pieces make the game pretty fiddly. Most of the actions aren't that interesting. Interaction is minimal and at the end I don't feel like I've accomplished anything.


smooth, balanced, lots of paths to victory


(11/17) 8. A very cool game that blends elements of Terra Mystica with a dash of Marco Polo. A really cool game that I'm looking forward to playing again for a couple reasons. 1) Because it was really need and deep but also B) because there was some suspicion at the table that my power (that of being able to have a second contract) might be OP? Interested to try playing with another clan.