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by lasttruegypsy

Pleasantly restrictive choices.


A little t...

by fiddly_bits

A little too brain-burny yet short for most situations.


Pretty tre...

by fongyy

Pretty trees!


A really f...

by frankqb

A really fun little card game with a ton of tension. Really enjoyable with two.


Beautiful ...

by KimchiTurtle

Beautiful set collection game that plays like a more complicated Lost Cities. Love the different types of scoring rules and I think that it scales well above 2, unlike Lost Cities' ability to. Had to trade it away because it wasn't hitting the table as much. I think the AP tendency made the game longer than it should be.


(12/16) 9....

by markbesada

(12/16) 9. I'm more liberal than most with my "10" ratings, but I suspect this might be a 10 for me. This is like Biblios, one of my favorite games of all time already, on steroids. I described it like a knife fight in a phone booth where everyone is holding their weapon by the blade. The only issue I might have is that it's TOO tight. NO choice seems like the right one. And yet, as I've said, I think I love it. (9/17) Raise to 10. Yup, my early inclination was right. I LOVE this game. It is BRUTAL. Every decision is agonizing. Biblios on steroids. My #2 favorite game of all time.