Small World

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Only own digital copies.


Expansions Owned: Be Not Afraid, Tales and Legends


Better than Vinci. Shorter, more thematic, prettier, streamlined, and with fewer unbalanced combos.


Expansions: - Be Not Afraid - Grand Dames of Small World Easy to learn, hard to master area control game. Lots of replayability and there's always expansions out there if you start to feel bored.


It's a decent-ish game, but I'm not really a fan.


Wonderful game. Excellent for light gamers and for families.


My wife likes it which means, I like it.


This is a hit with the kids, thus it's a hit with me. I like the fact that it's a light and fun "wargame" with some fantasy/comedic elements. All in all, a great way to spend an hour with people you care about. :)


Two games where everyone was new (apart from me in the second of course) and I'd probably need to play more to work out which race/ability combos work well. But, it doesn't seem that interesting, and is very susceptible to slow players making things unpleasant.




I'll play it if bribed.


Used to be one of my favs, but now I mostly play Small World Underground.


Simple rules but a lot of replayability, especially with the expansions.


One play but I woke up the next day thinking about it. I really look forward to playing a second time. June 2019 $24.99


Colorful game with lots of race combos to keep things interesting. Simple enough gameplay that it can be quite relaxing to play. Friend owns.


great game, 'nuff said


I love this game for 2 players. However, my one 4-player experience had way too much down time. Update: Lowering my score because it just works so much better as an app. It has made me realize that, as a board game, it's a little slow and clunky.


The game play is interesting and the race combinations are a lot of fun to see in action. The play is usually fairly obvious and the luck of the final roll each turn has too much effect on the final outcome. INCLUDED: - several expansions -


2-5 Players 40-80 Minutes


I need to pick up a few expansions but otherwise I really like this game.


by Jsil

Very good condition.


I don't care for it. The race market is too imbalanced, and I don't care for the general flow of the game. Good strategy dictates declining as soon as possible, which minimizes the interaction of the area control. Bleh


strategic but fun, the combination of powers makes it very replayable ....


IMO, the best asymmetric area control game there is. Fast and fun. (With GameTrayz!)


If you're not a fan of area control war themed games, chances are your exposure is mostly Risk or Axis and Allies. Smallworld takes the region conquering motif to a more strategic level. There are no dice - well, ok there is one die to act as support if you don't have enough tokens left over for your last invasion. Otherwise it's simply invade and defend. Each race gets paired randomly with a power. And since the combinations change with every game, the possibilities are endless. When your race expands too thin, just go into decline and start a new one. The game plays fast and competitive. It's even more fun if you play on a board meant for one player fewer (ie, play 5 people on the 4 player board, etc.).


This game gets a lot of attention in the webz and because it also looked great I went and got it. Unfortunately the first game I played of this was way boring. So thought my 2 opponents. The second time I played it with 3 opponents and while it was a little more interesting this probably only was because I was winning. 2 of the 3 opponents thought it was boring, the other one thought it was ok. I would'nt recommend to get this game, though it probably just isn't my taste of game.


This game gets a lot of attention in the webz and because it also looked great I went and got it. Unfortunately the first game I played of this was way boring. So thought my 2 opponents. The second time I played it with 3 opponents and while it was a little more interesting this probably only was because I was winning. 2 of the 3 opponents thought it was boring, the other one thought it was ok. I would'nt recommend to get this game, though it probably just isn't my taste of game.


Light hearted fun, best with more players. The races & traits make for some humorous combinations. However, the limited choices available reduce the replay ability of this game for me. Played with 5 players and finally found it had more strategy.


by Wis

Four home rules to make it heavier: no dice, more races to buy , player order determined by auction, visible score. Without them 7/10



A favorite of my gaming group's. Extremely fun as a 3, 4, or 5 player game. However, sometimes a combination of race and ability is too overpowered. Though, that is one fun aspect of the game as you never know what is going to be overturned!


This game is a blast to play; always different, always improvising, always a surprise.


Love the concept. In practice, not that many meaningful decisions on the map, so choosing the best race/power combinations seems to be most important.


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2-5 player (best 4) 45-75 minutes


My initial impressions of this game were very strong, but over time the races just don't feel distinct enough. Good idea, and a great game for non-gamers, but I don't see myself playing it a lot more.


This was my first big introduction to a designer game, other than settlers of catan. I love this game, and how the different races/powers can make for a different game each time. Still trying to work my wife into enjoying it.


I like this, but now I only want to play it with people that already know the rules.


This game is an average, solid game. Two major complaints: 1) Once you choose your race, the remaining choices are pretty obvious. Not much strategy or creativity here, which makes it less exciting. 2) The artwork on the board is EXTREMELY busy. This makes it very difficult to see your pieces, especially when multiple players' pieces are upside down (which makes them all grey in color). It's a problem.


2-5, 80m


Great entry into dudes on a map. My group was comfortable with heavier games so we ended up not playing this much.


Area control through numerical superiority, plus variable player powers in hundreds of combinations. What I wanted from Cosmic Encounter the first time I played it. Best with more than two players. Every race/power expansion just makes the game better. Plays include all race/power expansions owned at the time of the play.


by klz

Like a tactical version of Risk, controlling and conquering territory is important. The variety of combinations works very well.


Very easy to learn, and a varied and thematic set of races and abilities. Also provides multiple boards for easy scaling to number of players. I'm not sure there's really much here in the way of gameplay, either tactically or strategically: while moving your armies, there seems to be either a blindingly obvious best move, or several identical moves; the only decision you actually make in this game is which opponent to mess with. This means three things. First, since there are no real decisions to make, combat is dull. Second, there is a big gang-up-on-whoever-is-winning factor, since there's no real way to deter attacks against your opponents aside from creating a wall of guys at your frontiers, Risk-style (and, again Risk-style, an opponent can break through and gobble up your delicious unprotected interior). Third, since there is also a significant difference in the power levels of the various races and race qualities, there's a big luck factor involved, with the player who happens to be ready to decline when Ghouls or Sorcerers are in the mix in much better shape than the guy who is seeing Dwarves and Wizards (who are boring as well as awful!) I will give this game high marks for style, but style can't completely make up for dull gameplay.


The theme turns me off and I prefer Vinci.


Only one mechanic? And a boring one when left alone at that. This should be the kids version of a much better game.


The funness of this game is largely based on who you play with, as the best part is convincing other players to attack your enemies instead of you. Plays best with 4 or 5, not recommended for 2.


First of all, Tales & Legends is an absolute must. Don't play or buy without it. The gameplay is too straight forward, as most of the strategy comes from selecting races and selecting when to go into 'Decline', while the rest of the game kind of plays itself out as you observe from the sideline. The two player game is very weak(unless played with 2 races each), and with five players downtime dominates. Better suited for the youngsters (or as the app).


$32.99 11-Apr-15


My first venture into the hobby and boy, am I glad I did. A close friend didn't like the simple, repetitive dice rolling of Risk and wanted something new. Picked this up on an Amazon sale and haven't looked back. It's fantasy theme was an instant hit and it's replay value is super high.


Played twice, in excellent condition. Slight shelf wear on the box.


Takes the men on maps mechanic and makes it very fun and more tactical than something like Risk, but still light and fast moving. I love all the races and the way that powers each one has will change every game.


The game is good but its not at all my type of game. :/