Lords of Xidit

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Rating based on 1st play, which was a lot of fun. Would like to play this one some more, but it does require 3+ players, which means I won't play it at home. Does not need to leave the collection, but would be open to trade it away.


Finally got this off my wall of shame in order to decide whether to keep or sell it. I had hoped playing it would make that decision easier, but now I'm still completely undecided.


6 if playing with full player count.


I love the programming aspect of this game. It helps emphasize accurate planning/forecasting and allows players the ability to jostle for position, but also keeps the game moving at a very healthy clip. The strongest aspect of this game is the fabulous scoring mechanic, as balancing each of the scoring methods is both challenging and satisfying. However, the game boils down to a pick-up and deliver mechanic which doesn't intrigue me enough to encourage long-term investment.


(12/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. Programming was interesting but never really got the urge to play it again.