Palm Island

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Meh. This is fun for about 10 plays then you figure out what's good and the only difference is some minor rearrange ability of the cards.


Weight: 1.69 / 5


I didn't like Palm Island at first but the unique part of it ended up really working for me. I carried the game around in my hand/pocket for a few days and really started to enjoy it. I like something like Oh My Goods! MUCH more and it fits in the same amount of space but Palm Island has its own place.


Gives a great Euro game feel while fitting in the palm of your hand.


*Plastic Card Edition* The game was okay, I would rate it a 6 or 7 normally. But I had the plastic card edition. The cards were so slick, it was very difficult to hold them. Since you have to hold the cards at specific angles without changing their order in the deck, my hand was cramping by the end. Would not recommend plastic cards for this game. Should never have been released this way.


the game that i always bring while i go out... always put the single player cards into the leather sleeve and put into bag which can always take out for a game.. Game duration rougly about 10-25 minutes. While start playing this game, the pvc cards really slippery which then i sleeve my pvc cards xD.. so it become much easily to handle on my palm. Overall is a solid solo game for travel around and yet offer some strategy...


Wow. Just played my forst solo game and boy does it deliver. While it's a relatively light weight game, it has more depth than you'd expect. The implementation of the in hand only play is also very well thought out, even with the plastic cards, which are very slippery (but also have a nice feel). Looking forward to including feat cards and cooperative/competitive play. Can't way to play this at the beach with my gf.


Best: 1 Time: 15 Min Weight: 1.71


Love the solo game and the "feat" cards to be unlocked. The portability is awesome. 2p competitive is fun too.


A light, but definitely not easy, resource management, village building game that can fit in your pocket. Being able to reach a new high score is sooo satisfactory.