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This is how a heavy Euro with theme is done.


I enjoyed my play of this. I played it with 6 players, and I felt that the game was kind of long though. But it has some clever mechanics and was fun and engaging throughout. I would like to try this with lower numbers of players, I think it would work much better at 3 or 4 than with the full complement. I would never play this with more than 6 though. I can guarantee that right now.


Designer: Touko TahkokallioPublisher: Lautapelit.fiPlayer count: 2-6 (best with 4-6)Weight: Medium heavyMechanics: Area control / 4xSetting/theme: scifi Play time: 120-200 minutesSaw a run through by Rahdo and think this would be a good addition to the collection. Works well with two, which is important to me. Like the theme. The high rating and ranking make this one very interesting. Main downside is that it a very lenghty game.Rating based on solo run through, now let's see if we can get this one to the table.




there some very cool mechanics in this game.the random availability of the can only keep four bonus victory point chits for battle.the cost of doing your actions and upkeep of colonies.but i think this game is weighted to much towards being all about combat for my taste. it seems to really only have one victory path.Also.. What's with the plastic space ships and wooden cubes? lets get some consistency in our game production. be Euro style or Ameritrash, not a hotch potch of both in a failing effort to keep costs down..


SOLD, October 2014


Favorite space-based strategy game so far.


I'm just bad at these 4X games, but they are fun nonetheless. In any moderately-sized game, someone will undoubtedly be beat down, which sucks as being crushed for 3 hours is generally something I like to avoid. Success is somewhat defined by luck of the draw.


Have The Broken Token organizer for it and 4 resource trays.


Believe the hype. This is the full 4X experience with no corners cut. It moves at a good clip, and does indeed not consume your entire day. It's easy to teach and grok, and it feels like a good Euro; until you get into a fight, when it feels like a good dice-chucker; and after the battle, even if you were obliterated, it feels like a good Euro again. Ship design, in particular, is inspired. Well done, people. The circle has been squared. [EDIT] It's still a masterwork of game design, but the disparity of the tile draws in the initial rush of exploration can be frustratingly determinative.


2-6 30 min / player


Fantastic game, good pacing. Can't wait for the ships expansion.


3.5 x


2-9p Daedalus All expansions in box


Solid game. There's a good deal of randomness, but it's made quite manageable and there are a number of viable strategies that can be followed. My only major gripe is with the missiles technology which can be really overpowered. This is made worse by the random selection of technologies as only one or two might come up over the course of a game and those two players can abuse the strategy without much interference.


People's Choice Top 100 2012 #17 Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #


Based on first two plays this is very smooth. It's easy to learn, plays quite quickly and has lots of replayability. I loved the sense of upgrading the empire and the ships. I did not like the effect of the missiles upgrade and will have to see how that works in future plays.


Really disappointed. Exploration randomness is too much; Players can become locked; WTF, a region under "siege" can continue to construct defenses?????


The only reason this isn't an 8 is the length of gameplay. I expect every game will be different due to the order of tech tiles removed from the bag. And the mix of alien roles around the table will also probably lead to changes in gameplay as well. 2019 I obviously upped my rating while using the app on my phone. As long as the others involved aren't AP prone I'll likely be willing to play if there's time enough. I enjoy the gameplay, although I should broaden play style.


I'm so torn on this game. On the one hand I love the resource management, exploration, and powering up my ships. But I hate the combat dice rolls. It is real fun to beat down on some aliens but not as fun to battle friends.


This is a really well designed game. The systems in this game are brilliant. It's more or less the Twilight Imperium experience but in a elegantly streamlined form. And playable in a reasonable amount of time. That being said, it still felt a bit too long for me, and surprisingly easy to avoid other players. I won strictly because my race got bonus points for having the neutral pirate ships on the board. My winning strategy: explore like wild and avoid other players like the plague. Not horribly exciting.


I've stopped tracking plays because I don't have a good way to distinguish games I play on Steam / Android vs. games I play in person vs. games I start but we end up having to stop at round 7 because it's 1am and the place is closing.


Did not enjoy it as I thought I would. Fiddly and contains too much battle for my taste. Far too long play time.


One of my favorite games and it cost me around $15. Thank you Barnes and noble.


I find the game awesome, just can not get it to the table.


Not Owned


Finally got to play this on Tuesday. (20-01-2012) Took a turn or two to get an idea of game mechanics and initially i liked the choices you have to make. However, this is more a war game than a civilisation game in space. There is no incremental tech tree, which I would have expected to see as part of the research options. The research itself was more focused on improving your ships, rather than your civilisation. The ship templates and customisation options available are very good, but again, in the sense resource management towards building better fleet and not the epic space race I was hoping for. Wow, almost a year between games. Got to play with a bit more info and can see that there are far more ways to win than taking the middle, which of course is exactly what i did this time. Managed to get another game under my belt and despite forgetting some of the mechanics everyone had fun. Really enjoyable. 20-08-16 - First game in a long time due tomorrow with Rift expansion.


A deeply flawed game.


Very fun game, love the plethora of components, though I wonder if Twilight Imperium is my go-to space game nowadays


digitale versie op ipad


This is the first game I have played that has truly replaced another game for me. I don't really see any reason to bring out TI3 again. Eclipse is faster, sleeker, and deeper. It makes TI feel dated. Incredible design.


I will admit I have only played this once. The curious thing is that it is often billed as a wargame for Eurogamers, which might be true. I was the only traditional wargamer in the group when we played and I was the only one who never attacked anybody, however, so the wargame aspects of the game obviously didn't work for me.


2-6, 120m


Great space game.