Eclipse Board Game

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I've stopped tracking plays because I don't have a good way to distinguish games I play on Steam / Android vs. games I play in person vs. games I start but we end up having to stop at round 7 because it's 1am and the place is closing.


Did not enjoy it as I thought I would. Fiddly and contains too much battle for my taste. Far too long play time.


One of my favorite games and it cost me around $15. Thank you Barnes and noble.


I find the game awesome, just can not get it to the table.


Not Owned


Finally got to play this on Tuesday. (20-01-2012) Took a turn or two to get an idea of game mechanics and initially i liked the choices you have to make. However, this is more a war game than a civilisation game in space. There is no incremental tech tree, which I would have expected to see as part of the research options. The research itself was more focused on improving your ships, rather than your civilisation. The ship templates and customisation options available are very good, but again, in the sense resource management towards building better fleet and not the epic space race I was hoping for. Wow, almost a year between games. Got to play with a bit more info and can see that there are far more ways to win than taking the middle, which of course is exactly what i did this time. Managed to get another game under my belt and despite forgetting some of the mechanics everyone had fun. Really enjoyable. 20-08-16 - First game in a long time due tomorrow with Rift expansion.


A deeply flawed game.


Very fun game, love the plethora of components, though I wonder if Twilight Imperium is my go-to space game nowadays


digitale versie op ipad


This is the first game I have played that has truly replaced another game for me. I don't really see any reason to bring out TI3 again. Eclipse is faster, sleeker, and deeper. It makes TI feel dated. Incredible design.


I will admit I have only played this once. The curious thing is that it is often billed as a wargame for Eurogamers, which might be true. I was the only traditional wargamer in the group when we played and I was the only one who never attacked anybody, however, so the wargame aspects of the game obviously didn't work for me.


2-6, 120m


Great space game.