Hasbro Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie

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Played once so far and had fun. Simple enough to jump right yet enough variety and special powers to make the gameplay very tactical.


Alot better than I thought it would be. Takes a bit to set up though. But it's the fun of miniatures without all the work.


You push around some plastic to build terrain, you push around some plastic to move dudes, and then you toss a lot of plastic to resolve combat. On occasion, I am very partial to pushing around plastic. [EDIT] But damn, are melee characters ever underpowered. Bonding is 100% necessary.


Dropped to an 8 for me. I love the bits and the fact that I don't have to buy and paint minis to play it. I've added a few extra bits to the master set to expand the game a little. Overall a very simple and enjoyable game.


Second Edition Complete With some minor boxwear from a smoke and pet free home.


Sometimes setup lasts longer than the game itself! Easy enough to play with kids, though


Silly little miniatures game. Simple and fun. In the end, it's all about who rolls the dice the best. But it's fun getting to that point. Setup and cleanup can be lengthy, but that's part of the entertainment.


3 basic sets plus the Walmart-exlusive basic set with the Onyx Vipers


2008-03-12: I like Heroscape, but it takes so long to set up. I suppose that's part of the fun, though. Still, it's a bit of a detractor, and it takes up quite a bit of space.


Half the fun is coming up with new board ideas.


by klz

Deeper than it looks, and the Hasbro name would suggest. The collector mentality makes it pretty expensive, though.The terrain alone is worth having a few copies.


2018-02-17 - Bought CG 2018-07-29 - Initial rating 6.5; not really my type of game