Roll Player

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I thought that this game was alright, it had a lot of little mechanics that interacted with each other in an interesting way, but really it did not bring anything new to the table. This is a Feld game in disguise, and honestly, I'm not a fan of most of his games, as I think they tend to lack focus. As it is, this game has the same feeling and it might take a couple of plays for the true strategies to materialize if there are any, as you can focus on whatever aspects you want to try to min max your score. Maybe over time it will become clear that certain tracks should be paid more attention too than others.I also think extra items in the marketplace coupled with throwing some out in every game so you cannot card count waiting for certain items might make the game more tactical, which would be preferable, IMO


Weight: 2.26 / 5Includes wooden InsertIncludes custom bag for dice


Rate mostly as a solitaire experience.


Tough choices, great components, and tight scoring has made this a favorite of mine


Short length, many interesting decisions. Can get a little samey.


****Monsters & minions expansion


It's been a while since I've been suckered into a game on account of its theme, so I presume I was overdue. This is a pedestrian dice/drafting game that doesn't even make good use of its trappings--all the cool bits (alignment, class, background) are merely scoring conditions. You then spend much of the game upping your attributes, which isn't nearly as thematically satisfying to me.


I'll be damned, there really is a game here. I'm certainly biased by the fact characer-building was my favorite part of D&D, but I took this to a game group and we had a good time with it. Looking forward to the expansion.


Can eventually get math-heavy as more dice get on your player board.


Expansions: Monsters & Minions


I love Roll Player. I used to play the character creation screen of Baldur's Gate II and the expansions of Neverwinter Nights. It is a simple dice drafting and manipulation game, but the creation of a role-playing character is so fun and so well integrated that I could play the game 15 times in a row.


7.6 / 1-4p / 60m / 2016 / 2.31 (Looks interesting, watch some reviews on it, Rahdo #3 for 2016, MWBG 2017 #8, Druid City #4, Keith Matejka)


Includes Monsters and Minions expansion


Every session is a unique puzzle and ends in a functional, if suboptimal character sheet that you could actually use! Clever, a tad silly, and very enjoyable.


Enjoying the game, just that little bit less each time i play it. It is fun, but with little interaction. Hoping the expansion ramps it back up.


Most cards are sleeved.


A very enjoyable puzzle game. My gaming partner didn’t like how it was very mathy but she still did love the game. The production quality & illustrations are fantastic.


A very enjoyable puzzle game. My gaming partner didn’t like how it was very mathy but she still did love the game. The production quality & illustrations are fantastic.


Fun dice manipulation game. Fairly light and doesn't offer much replayability as your strategy will be the same every game.


This one surprised me, in that I liked it a lot more than I expected to. Plays fast, but with a sufficient puzzle to be satisfying. There is obviously a lot of dice rolling, but I felt like I had plenty of ways to mitigate bad luck. Components are good overall, with chunky dice and thick player boards. The cards are also great quality, so much that I almost didn't sleeve them. This clicked right away with my group, and everyone wanted to roll up some D&D characters based on the crazy characters we ended up with. I could see this becoming a frequently played think-y filler.




(10/17) 6. Suuuuuuuper clever and thematic, which the former D&D player in me really appreciates. Much, much more mathy and planny than you might expect. I really like it, but probably not as much as most. Something a little uninteresting to me for whatever reason?