Viticulture: Essential Edition

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One of my favorite worker placement games. Love the theme.


Weight: 2.96 / 5Includes wooden insertIncludes metal coins


Like the theme, looks really nice. VERY high rating, so on the radar.




My FLGS talked me into buying this one with some store credit I had. So glad he did. Really loved the elegance of this game and it was a delight to play. Can't wait to share it with more people.


Solid but not quite the amazing game it was described to be. Very quick setup and teardown make this a good solo euro. Ultimately, the luck factor in the card draws made this less enjoyable that I thought it would be. Artwork is hit or miss.


Amazing, and the expansion (Tuscany) is a must IMHO, makes a great game just about perfect. (Metal coins are a great add on too.)


One of the best worker placement games, and an Amazing theme, and the expansions make the game better! Great game, and one of the few that play 6 players, and it's still great!


Great worker placement that’s easy to introduce to all types of gamers because of its theme. Prefer playing it with the Tuscany edition



1 - 6 players 45 - 90 minutes


This game hits all cylinders for me. Simple to learn/teach yet provides a lot of interesting choices. Great artwork/production. The theme really comes through. The game feels just tight enough but having that grande worker was a perfect addition from the original game. I really enjoy this game but it would probably be a 10 if it weren't for the luck factor of the visitor cards. (There is now officially a "strategist version" that replaces the base games visitor cards though so I'll have to try that out one day.)


Expansions: - Tuscany Essential Edition - Moor Visitors A very solid worker placement game with awesome thematic integration and well made components. This would be a good game to introduce people into the worker placement genre as I don't feel as if it's that complicated.




Interesting worker placement game where you have to plan for two phases at once. I need to play it a bit more to fully form an opinion, but it's unique enough to be worth trying.


1-6p Sleeves


I'm giving this game a 4 star because I believe the goods outweigh the bad and bring this game to an above middle ground status...but if I could give it 3.5 stars I would. I LOVE getting this game to the table. I love some of the unique components and I love the "seasonal" element to the worker placement mechanism. However, every time I sit down to play I seem to forget that this game is a card game cleverly disguised as a board game. I have yet to see someone win simply by building up their fields and delivering orders through the standard worker placement mechanisms. Instead, to win this game one MUST work any special action cards to their advantage to maximize their point potential. In fact, I have seen players win without delivering a single order. It's that part that sometimes has me walking away a little disappointed because for me it breaks the theme just enough to make me feel like I had the better wine producing vineyard, but an opposing player just got the right card at the right time to win. I've also had a couple wins where it felt cheap because I drew the card that pushed me over the edge on a final turn, meaning that the strategy that led me to that point was secondary to the simple luck of the draw.


Best: 3-4 Time: 45-90 Min Weight: 2.94


Easy smooth game play. This will likely become our new go-to gateway game for friends. Too light for us to play with just the two of us. Passed this along in a PiFF. Not a bad game at all but all of our friends just want to play Lords of Waterdeep with the expansion instead.


I want to say, "A great intro to Tuscany." But that's not really true. Viticulture stands alone, and we got so much enjoyment out of it before buying the expansion. We still go back to it when introducing new gamers to our favorite worker placement game.




I like it! Add the Tuscany expansion and you have one of the best worker placement games around. The Grande Meeple makes it less punishing than standard worker placement games. Lots of variety and paths to victory. The game pieces are amazing. Tuscany is nicely modular, so we can include as much complexity as we want. INCLUDED: Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture Viticulture: Moor Visitors Expansion Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley


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(+) The turn order system is brilliant, I like how action spaces are split up between summer and winter, it seems like there are a lot of different paths you can choose to score points, some variability with the starting conditions, the game feels relaxing and satisfying, rules do not take a long time to explain, good insert, good components (-) Feels like there is too much luck with the cards you draw, some of the visitor cards are much better than others and some are not balanced for higher player counts, the box is a strange size


by hana

With 2x metal coins


I really like this game, and so has everyone I've played it with. I feel like the base game is good with 3+ but the expansion board in Tuscany is kind of needed for 2 players.


Very solid worker placement game. Theme is spot on.


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Having played correctly now, I do enjoy the game more. I do not think I need to add it to my collection anytime soon as I already have a plethora of fun worker placement games. [-]I am sure that playing slightly wrong did not help, but both myself and the person I played with were just bored with the game most of the way through. I had been looking forward to playing for so long too.[/-]


Much better with Tuscany


This game is one of the smoothest to play games. It is quite easy to teach so this makes a great bridge to middleweight games. The mechanics are not revolutionary but the execution is near flawless. I will always play this and be excited about it.


8.2 / 1-6 Best 3-4 / 90m / 2.98 (2016 DT People's Choice #17 / Tom's #11)


Includes Tuscany: EE expansion, Moors & Rhine visitor cards


Played best with tuscany




Elegant worker placement engine building game with short turns, fun decisions and AMAZING component quality and art. This is one of the most finely produced games I've ever played.


This game is fantastic, love it top to bottom though I did very poorly in my first play


Easily becoming one of my favorite games. Less brutal than Agricola but still scratches a similar itch.


2-6 player (best 3-4) 90 minutes


One of the best games of all time. Will never turn down a play. I love it!


Linear and boring.


Great mid weight worker placement game. I prefer this to lords of water deep. Theme and mechanics fit very well. One of my wife's favorite games, which means it will always stay in the collection.


Definitely one of the best gateway worker placement games in the board game industry. Streamlined, very thematic, easy to learn. The Tuscany Essential expansion is a must because it elevates and already solid game to new heights.


by afjb

Really well done worker placement game. Love the automa deck and solo version, it's very challenging and difficult to beat. You have to think a few moves ahead each round depending on what you start with.


Mechanically, it's the midway point between Agricola and Lords of Waterdeep. Not particularly interesting, but has a great theme.


Easy and smooth. A relaxing game where you do what you can with what you're dealt.


I seem to be an outlier in that this is not one of my favorite games; indeed, I find it very frustrating and to depend too much on luck. I like worker placement games, and this game has a lot of depth. But, I dislike that the fields you can plant are determined by random card draws which often fail to have any resemblance to the orders you have to fill. It's too random, and too easy to feel like you are screwed by drawing fields that have no resemblance to what you need to plant (to fill orders). I'd much prefer if the fields to plant were not determined by random card draws, or if the cards drawn were face up before you select them (so you can decide whether to select them or not; similar to how Lords of Waterdeep handles quests). The various action cards are also entirely random draws; that bothers me less than the fields being random draws, but it still adds a huge element of chance to your opportunities in the game that makes this an unfulfilling worker placement game. There is just too much reliance on luck for this to be a solid worker placement strategy game.


Theme/Art: This game is reaaally beautiful with amazing art. Each mama and papa card has a different portrait and the whole winegrowing theme fits very well and feels immersive (especially when you upgrade you wines each year). Production quality/Design: Each building has a different wooden token (even the wine cellars look a bit different, even though they are both cellars). The cards feel high quality, as does the rest of the game, like the glass pearls used to represent wine. Once you know the rules, the board and the player boards are easy to read and understandable. Great rules too. Replayability: I only played it once so far, but I think the replay value is pretty high, although I think it may be that Viticulture has some kind of meta, you can figure out to increase your win chances (e.g. rushing the cottage for more visitor cards). Depth/Difficulty: It is heavy-ish, but not as heavy or hard to learn as other games. It takes an experienced player about 20 minutes to teach the game to others. I weight it 3/5. Strategy: Viticulture forces the player to plan ahead, since you have a limited number of workers which you need to use in both Summer and Winter. You should also have a strategy when to build which building and fulfill orders. Luck: Cards are the only luck factor in this game, but they can be pretty influental. All in all Viticulture is a very beautiful game which takes about 45 to 150 minutes to play, depending on the number of players (up to 6) and their familiarity with the game. The only negative aspect I recognised is, that the game is over as soon as you hit late game. You upgrade constantly and once you feel like you have all you need and you are finally able to fulfill all those wine orders, somebody reaches 20 victory points and it's over at the end of the year.


I liked worker placement games, but this one just doesn't scratch the itch as well as others do. I can't really put my finger on why exactly, maybe it's the theme that's just boring to me, but this game just drags whenever I've played it.


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(8/16) 9. (9/17) 9. Just a wonderful game. A lot of strategy, a little luck, interestingly powered cards, wonderful theme that really shines through in a great production. Love it.


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Was unimpressed playing with 5 players. Want to try it again with 2 or 3