Master of the Galaxy

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Its take on bag-building is weird, insofar as your initial economy is frustratingly scattered and your challenge is to wrest something remotely efficient out the mess. I prefer Hyperborea to Orleans in part due to the latter's bizarre complete reshuffle every round; in Hyperborea you cycle through your bag entirely, more like a deck. Master of the Galaxy takes that strange noise yet further, always pulling a random subset of 3 cubes from an initial bag of 25 (!). The rules also have much more grit than I'd like, especially in that each card type works a little differently and the timing issues are weird. Downtime is also an issue whenever people have to draw cards, which is not infrequent. All that said, it's got some pleasant card variety, the player interaction isn't bad, and the multiple victory conditions are nice. It's not remotely a 4X, though, and I'll probably stick stick with Hyperborea.


This is one of the best 4x type game I've ever played. The turns are super quick, the game is punchy and runs really well. My only criticism would be that the end can be abrupt if you're not aware of what cards other people have. This really only affects your first game or two. This game genuinely has a lot of ways to win and most games are really close with several people being really close to winning when the game ends. Can't recommend this game enough.