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The Gùgōng Bonus Travel Tokens is a micro expansion.

Add these Bonus Travel Tokens to the other Travel Tokens and mix them all together. When you claim one of these Bonus Travel Tokens, keep them face up in front of you. You may use these in combination with an action or Gift Card exchange. Once you use their ability, flip them face down and place them on your Player Board on the appropriate space.

"x2" - Double the value of any 1 Gift Card you play.

"2x" - Get the Bonus/Secondary action of 1 gift twice. When performing a secondary action twice, play both actions separately.

"Jade/Decree Discount" - You can once reduce the price for a single Jade or Decree by two Servants. You do not receive one Servant if the discount would amount to a negative amount.

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Gùgōng: Bonus Travel Tokens

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