Power Grid (Recharged Version)

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Ggggggrrrrreeeeeaaaaaatttttt..... wonderful, well designed a little confusing at the begining, but incredible deep.


Love the game. Great fun. Great interaction and competition. You need to carefully set yourself up for the endgame - it happens quickly. I can hang with excellent players all game, but I'm not so good at the endgame yet.


I don't know, maybe it was the computation? I'll play it again, but im not sure if im a fan...


A well-done resource management/economics game, but it felt like we spent far too much time jockeying for turn order. That, and the bookkeeping is insane; it's utterly fitting that there is a "bureaucracy" phase.


3-6 Best with 4/5




Played it, enjoyed it, saw what all the fuss was about, but it's just not my kind of game


2-6p Sleeves All expansions in box


Its what Monopoly should have been. Capitalism at its most fun.


A simple, but very REAL FEELING market mechanic. This from someone who's spent a lifetime studying open-auction markets. Well done, Herr Friese! I'm looking forward to his upcoming release, Freitag.


Awesome economic game blended with area control. Rules dictating starting order prevent a runaway leader.


You know, for all its fiddly-ness, this game is just great. Maybe it is the fact that it is so cumbersome but many people take to it. I like it though I don't play it as often as I should. Have played the France/Italy and the Central Europe/Benelux maps too! Fun stuff there and the minor rules changes changes things slightly and give it a different "flavour". 2006-10-01 - Bought 2008-02-23 - Bumping rating down from 8.5 -> 7.5; Somehow the game just lost its taste for me and I haven't played it in a long while. 2008-08-05 - Bumping rating 7.5 -> 8 2010-09-15 - Sold 2016-07-17 - Bought River Market


I manage to do reasonably well (second or third) in most of my games, but I haven't yet won any. Part of that is going to be the host winning every game he's played in the past few months. 2008-08-13 I finally beat the host (a week or two after he was beaten by someone else).




2/13: It's ok. I'll play it, but don't see why it's so hugely popular. The first phase can really drag out if people don't or can't build. Lots of downtime and solitaire. 8/17: I wasn't wrong back then, but those things bother me less now and I see its strengths more. The game also stays interesting with expansion maps.


2-6 player (best 4-5) 120 minutes


Resources management game that keeps you bidding and scheming to outdo your fellow energy companies. There are a lot of counterbalances built in, often you are rewarded for laying low, but pouncing when you get close to the end, but don’t let your neighbors buy all your resources!! March 2016 $29.99


I had fun on my one play, but the more I think about it, the more I don't want to go back and do so much math to make my turns more efficient than the first time.


A great game, almost perfect.


FULLY SLEEVED 120 x Swan PanAsia Power Grid Money (SWN-007, 160/pack) - (45 x 90mm) 49 x Swan PanAsia 70x70: Standard (SWN-037, 160/pack) - (70 x 70mm)