Age Of Industry

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Just would rather play Brass. Knowing Brass really makes the "more streamlined" rules here too confusing. Certainly a fun game in its own right. Saw some varying strategies with focus on different industries as well as with the amount of debt taken on. So far, seems to be balanced in these regards. Market tiles offer a nice variance to gameplay. Loans work much differently than in Brass, and much of the game takes some *unlearning* if one already is familiar with Brass.


This game was fine, but I really think losing the reset button from halfway in the game ala Brass takes a good bit away from it.


I am surprised that I like this game as much as I do. It's a clean, intuitive economic game yet with lots of brain-burny depth.


by paka

So called Brass light is actualy diffrent animal. Playing and fliping diffrent counters is the same but everything else is diffrent. And strategies are totaly diffrent aswell. Its a good game but a bit strange to play after Brass.


Finally a Wallace economic game I can get behind! The building constraints are occasionally counter-intuitive, but other than that the system is not obtuse at all (high praise for a Wallace) and allows you to focus on the trade-offs you must make. The economy is very clever and the gears interact with each other in lots of cool ways.


1 play, 3 players I was nervous before playing, since I had read a few luke-warm comments about this one. However, that worked in my favor, since I ended up liking it more than I expected. I warned my opponents that my previous introduction was wrong: it's not "Brass Lite" but more just "Brass Different," and that certainly held true. I liked most of the changes, but they don't necessarily speed up the game at all. I was frustrated that several times my old Brass-thinking led me to poor decisions in AoI. I look forward to playing it again to rectify that, and to experience it with a different number of players.


I've now played three times, and I do like this game. BUT - I rate this a 7 and Brass a 9. Age of Industry is "kinder, gentler" Brass. I prefer the original for its demanding play.


Decent game, very dry. Felt like I lost because one player decided to overbuild one of my buildings and it was the only only time that happened during the game, I think I lost by the amount that that building would have scored. Don't think I would purchase this, but could be talked into playing it again in the future.


I find Brass more interesting, but this one is a good substitute