MFGTRG4104 Age of Industry by Mayfair Games

Age of Industry is a business game set during the nineteenth century, when many countries around the world were experiencing their own particular industrial revolution. There are six industry types in Age of Industry, cotton mills, factories, coal mines, iron works, ports, and ships. You can also build railways.

Contains - 1 double sided game board, 18 Market Counters, 165 Industry Counters, 12 Railway Counters, 24 Loan Counters, 66 Cards, 30+ Coal Cubes (aproximately), 30+ Iron Ore Cubes (aproximately), 40 Gold Money Counters (aproximately), 30 Gold Money Counters (aproximately), 5 turn order counters (one each of 5 colors), 5 Player Displays and 1 rulebook.

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