Paul Koenig's Market Garden: Arnhem Bridge


Paul Koenig's Market Garden is a series of small-format, competitive introductory-level wargames covering the critical first three days of Operation Market-Garden, where the Allies attempted to seize a series of bridges in Holland and end WWII before Christmas. Each game in the series covers a separate bridge: Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Eindhoven.

Arnhem Bridge is the first in the Market Garden series, covering the events happening at this vital Rhine River crossing from September 17th-19th, 1944. Each player commands their German or British forces so as to capture key objectives on the board while keeping your casualties down (and your opponent's casualties up).

With plenty of decision making and Optional Rules to extend gameplay and realism, the very collapse of Germany is at stake as you make your stand and bring your enemies down at Arnhem Bridge!


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