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I've played two games with my son (6) and he's immediately become a big fan. We'll play this again for sure, hopefully with 3 or 4 players.


similar feel to euphrateies and tigris but quicker and much easier to get newbies into. realy very good. needs settler style wooden pieces... the plastic ones look kitch.


Domaine has staled somewhat insofar as my group has learned the cards so well that strategies are a bit set, but still hits the table every so often.


by paka

Unique system and lovely presentation. Too bad it took me a lot of time to get it and by then it was too late to enjoy it. Wanna play several more times as its very engaging.


Ooh, pretty plastic. I'd like to give this one another shot; it is crucial not to overestimate how many walls you'll get to place in the early game. If you do, as I did in my first playing, you won't have much of anything to do.


a great strategy game, beautiful miniatures.


Rating after 1, 3-player game. Certainly need to play again but I had a good time. It also helped that I won. It looks like a mean game and it plays like one but it is still fun. Cards plus a bit of strategy makes for a whole lot of fun. Bought/Received at Fallcon 22: 2009-09-19 (one copy in trade for MoV) 2009-12-18 - Calgary No Ship Math Trade ( 2009-09-29 - Bumping rating from 7 -> 7.25


(10/17) 7. One of those (relatively) old school classics. Very tight, clean design in a game that can be pretty cut throat.