Feudum: the Game

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Charming as hell...so charming. But for as well-planned as the game is it's not necessarily well-executed. Gaps in the rules, gaps on the cards, gaps on the player aid, gaps on the board - gaps all around! Putting aside my personal distaste for games that "need" more than two players and take more than two hours I still felt like this game was almost great. Almost, but not quite. You can basically do anything you want (but not everything) and some strategies were apparent by the end of the first game. But the flow was janky and I don't think it's reasonable for any game to not be able to exist in a vacuum, let alone a giant $75 one. Many of the things we had to look up weren't clear in the rules or were missing completely, and even with online help there were still some items that were not definitive. I know there's a market for "heavy" games where the heaviness comes from multiple interlocking systems but personally I get the exact same enjoyment out of a 45-minute action selection/economic card game as I did out of the five-hour experience that was a first game of Feudum. This seems to be the kind of game for people who want to exist in the world of the game for a very long time - that's not me. Cut out all the fluff in the middle and the window dressing and this is not that unique of a game beyond that it offers ALL THE DIFFERENT GAME THINGS IN ONE GAME.


I'll have more to write once I've finished explaining the rules. I started yesterday, so I should be done by tomorrow.