Enter the World of Hero Quest...If You Dare! It's like no other game you've ever played! 14 Different Quests Inside -- A New Adventure Each Time You Play! Dark caverns. Gory monsters. Deadly traps...and worse! Once you enter the mysterious underground world of Hero Quest, there's no turning back. One of you will play the part of Zargon, the Evil Sorcerer. With your mutant monster forces, you'll plot against the Heroes. Watch as they fall prey to your cunning traps. The rest of you must battle against Zargon! Which daring hero will you be? THE BARBARIAN: The mightiest warrior! Few can match him in mortal combat! THE ELF: A proud champion with fighting skills matched only by his magic! THE WIZARD: A master of sorcery. His knowledge and use of magic is unrivaled. THE DWARF: A fearless fighter with a unique ability to disarm traps. Your first Quest is about to begin! Will the evil forces of doom be stopped? Will the land be saved from destruction? It's all up to you. Good luck! CONTENTS: * 35 High Detailed Figures * 21 Doors with Bases * 15 Pieces of Furniture * Parts / Tile Sheet * Gameboard * Character Sheets * Instruction Booklet * Quest Book * Evil Sorcerer Screen * 4 Character Cards * 66 Cards * 8 Die

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