7 Wonders: Babel Expansion

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I love certain elements of this expansion. Ironically, the thing I like the least is the actual tower building. I think the tile abilities that come on the tower tiles are interesting but we rarely use them because... well... who would want to change the game rules so EVERYONE can build their wonder stages for free or pay a tax on certain card building?? On the positive side, I love the great projects portion which allows you to contribute to a great project by paying resources/coins to potentially receive a reward while also avoiding a heavy penalty (loss of a card or money). I think the tower tiles could be improved by allowing you to mark them with a player-specific token so that only you may use the benefit. Maybe allowing other players to pay you a fee (increasing fees for each subsequent player) in order to use the towers benefit). This would encourage people to play more tiles to either benefit from their abilities or to cover up previously played tiles, cancelling their effect(s) for the rest of the game. This expansion is definitely better with larger player counts!


So good. will not play without it.