The Grizzled

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Sits in the really quite rare slot of co-op filler and is a really solid game. We always play that when you take the 'give a speech' action you have to try and give an actual mini-speech. Always a hit, although rarely mind-blowing to anyone.


A co-op game where players are limited in how much they can communicate with each other. This prevents a single player from dominating the decision-making, but it also makes the game very difficult to win. The artwork is good, and it's fun to play with players who get into the theme (especially when it comes to Hard Knock cards).


Kickstarted.A great co-op game that does an amazing job at creating a tense atmosphere around the table. The art is incredible, and the gameplay is simple, yet has a lot to it once you start getting a fair number of Hard Knocks down. This is now one of my favorite games!


Great art, great theme. Plays quick and easily taught to others.


So much disappointment. I put off trying The Grizzled but was so sure I'd like it. A statement about war? Check. Regarded as an emotional experience? Check. Art I loved? Check. Foreign and indie enough to let me feel pretentious? Double check! But even with all that, when I finally played it was just like every other card-driven cooperative game I've ever played. I truly ha ed Hanabi the first few times I played but after trying enough of these (and I count Onirim) I've decided that Hanabi at least doesn't claim to be more than it is. At least it's fun to play with kids, where The Grizzled just makes everyone feel bad in every possible way.


such a stressful game. It really gives you the feeling of being in the trenches with the stress of ammo, and tear gas. absolutely a fantastic co-op game.


A beautiful co-op. The mechanics fit the theme so well. The expansion adds even more to it.


It's a decent co-op. Easy to teach and plays pretty fast. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about though, to be honest.


Perhaps this game was partially a victim of my own expectations, but I didn't really see much to recommend this. The art is nice, but other than that the gameplay is shallow and frustrating. There's a fine line between showing the futility/desperation of war and having few meaningful choices, and to me the game was heavy on the latter and light on the former.




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A bit shallow mechanically and strategically, but I do love the theme and appreciate games that commemorate history.


It’s a small box, which I like. My wife who was skeptical of the theme was ok playing it, although I suspect the theme will appeal to my dad. It wasn’t too complicated, but it wasn’t too simple either. I like that you can’t talk strategy, but it’s a cooperative so you can do reads. I played it once on easy, and ordered the expansion, because I really liked this and it wasn’t too expensive I am told the Armistice is a big box version, but I am not exactly ready for a campaign game. I own too many games $10 August 2019


Simple mechanisms belie the highly thematic gameplay. One could be led to some rather uncomfortably deep thoughts in this beautiful game.


Very fun, very challenging cooperative game. Simple to learn and teach, enjoyable to play even when you lose, and it seems to just keep drawing you back in for more brutal beatings (how appropriately thematic) and the occasional sweet victory!


The Grizzled isn't a game I'm ever dying to play but there's something very charming about the table talk. Everyone is just getting punished over and over again and you're so focused on making it through a battle without too much left in your hand. I don't know if I need to own it but I would rarely turn down a play.


interesting co-op which plays quickly and still has a lot of interaction


Beautiful art. Great components. Good game but it didn't sink the hook for me.


The theming works really well in this game and the art is perfect for the game.


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The Grizzled wields one of the rarest board game attributes; a thesis. It argues that the psychologically of war is as perilous as any bullet or weapon. Despite being set during WWI, The Grizzled purposefully subverts expectations by focusing on the social relationships and mental fortitude of soldiers rather than the common tropes surrounding physical combat and territory control. The game is incredibly difficult, and imposes a pervasive sense of hopeless dread as treats compound and morale waivers, which immerses players in the bleak wartime atmosphere. The Grizzled also leans strongly on non-verbal communication so even the best of intentions can lead to adverse outcomes. It lacks variability, but achieves its goals with astonishing precision.


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Really interesting co-op that I found to play well with 2 or the full compliment of 5. The unique theme and game play in conjunction roped me into getting this one.


(10/16) 8. (9/17) Drop to 6. Probably doesn't deserve the drop in rating, but again doesn't get to the table too often and rarely "wows" when it does, but I'd still happily play it.


This game is pure awesome! A different way of playing co-op. It is HARD to win but that is the way i love it.


This light co-op puzzler is great to play with adults and tweens.


This game is SO HARD