The Grizzled

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Very fun, very challenging cooperative game. Simple to learn and teach, enjoyable to play even when you lose, and it seems to just keep drawing you back in for more brutal beatings (how appropriately thematic) and the occasional sweet victory!


The Grizzled isn't a game I'm ever dying to play but there's something very charming about the table talk. Everyone is just getting punished over and over again and you're so focused on making it through a battle without too much left in your hand. I don't know if I need to own it but I would rarely turn down a play.


Includes At Your Orders expansion


interesting co-op which plays quickly and still has a lot of interaction


Beautiful art. Great components. Good game but it didn't sink the hook for me.


The theming works really well in this game and the art is perfect for the game.


[Pending to sleeve]


The Grizzled wields one of the rarest board game attributes; a thesis. It argues that the psychologically of war is as perilous as any bullet or weapon. Despite being set during WWI, The Grizzled purposefully subverts expectations by focusing on the social relationships and mental fortitude of soldiers rather than the common tropes surrounding physical combat and territory control. The game is incredibly difficult, and imposes a pervasive sense of hopeless dread as treats compound and morale waivers, which immerses players in the bleak wartime atmosphere. The Grizzled also leans strongly on non-verbal communication so even the best of intentions can lead to adverse outcomes. It lacks variability, but achieves its goals with astonishing precision.


$16.97 04-Mar-16


Really interesting co-op that I found to play well with 2 or the full compliment of 5. The unique theme and game play in conjunction roped me into getting this one.


(10/16) 8. (9/17) Drop to 6. Probably doesn't deserve the drop in rating, but again doesn't get to the table too often and rarely "wows" when it does, but I'd still happily play it.


This game is pure awesome! A different way of playing co-op. It is HARD to win but that is the way i love it.


This light co-op puzzler is great to play with adults and tweens.


This game is SO HARD