KeyForge: Call of the Archons

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Fills a hole left by MTG. I had neither the time, nor money, to play MTG any more, and I missed something with that feel.Keyforge very much fills that hole in my collection for me. It encapsulates the things I enjoyed best about MTG - cool combos, uncomplicated objectives, quick play, simple duel format - without the downsides - the cost and time spent building effective decks.All players are (more or less) on an equal footing whether at a casual meet, or a sealed tournament.Everyone I've introduced to KF has immediately bought their own deck or are keen to get one ASAP.


It awesome. Played over 15 times now and I don't see an end in sight.


I probably need to immerse myself more in this. Fun, but the lack of deck-building means it's missing a critical part of card game enjoyment for me.


The novelty is cute (especially the deck names!), but I don't like the tempo and some matchups can seriously grind. I prefer Epic for my M:tG replacement.


Played at a game store on launch day. Fun game; neat concept. Reminded me a lot of Hearthstone.




I love the gimmick. So much. The game itself is pretty fun, though it's not yet scratching the same itch that MTG does for me. I'm hoping that once I figure out and master my decks that this changes for me.


Does it replace Magic? Maybe, but not yet at least for me.


I think this game is best served playing with the same deck against against an opponent’s deck multiple times. That allows both players to learn what their deck can and can not do, and how they can adapt multiple strategies against another deck. I look forward to playing more of this with some great people in my community.


It's everything I hoped it would be and juuuust a bit more. The execution on this one is really top notch. Happy to finally own my piece of it and looking forward to mastering my deck.


Pay 2 Win with Gambling Loot Boxes. Its the worst of the worst for the gaming industry designed to exploit the most vulnerable in our society including children and those with gambling addiction problems.


Initial rating. Played a half dozen starter deck games. Very innovative concept.


6 decks.


Buy a deck, figure it out, play against other decks you've never seen, get bored with the deck, buy a new one, wash, rinse, repeat. The most fun part of Keyforge is buying and opening the decks, appealing to the CCG dopamine hit while still getting away with not calling it a CCG. The problem is at $10 a pop, it's very easy to develop a very expensive Keyforge habit and end up in the same boat as the CCG/LCG addicts who have spent as much money on a single collection as I have in my entire selection of games. This is a consumption product, first and foremost. It's an ingenious business model and a kind of an evil genius twist on the CCG model. It mitigates the secondary market while driving up the desire to buy more copies of the product for that. One. Perfect. Deck. And of course, FFG will add new cards and new houses. We're only at 370 Keyforge cards. That's a long way to go before we get to the 20,000-ish cards in MtG, and you know FFG is banking on the desire to chase the CCG dragon, here. But the biggest crime of all: it's just not that good.


Have played draft/precon artifact, like that Have played tons of deckbuilders, like those. Have played yugioh, still like that. Keyforge, It just rubs me wrong. It's hard to really describe why I dislike it. Maybe it's the forced decks? Maybe it's the cards in general? Maybe it's how the faction play works? Maybe the forced tri faction? Maybe the delay of using a creature?


Decks:- Diviner Wellington Yoshi "Leather" Izatuvo Alpha Dandelion Voxocreep