The Ancient World

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An interesting worker placement game. It's a touch too complicated to be Calle a gateway game, but it's still pretty easy to pick up. The scoring is a little different, but I like it.


This is one of our favorite Ryan Laukat games. Scoring is simple enough that the overall goal of the game is easy to teach new players. The use of military cards is smart but challenging. The limitations put in place for building cards and placing workers makes for interesting interactions between players. The color palette used in this game is not my favorite of his but, as a whole, the game is a solid addition to our collection.


2-4 players (best 4) 90 minutes


Worker placement and set building game. It really had the foundations of something good with the mechanics and theme but you just never get your engine rolling and it doesn’t feel satisfying. The whole game you’re trying to fight titans but we really only ever fought the titans that were threatening us. What’s the point of the titans on the board? You only get 3 workers for half of the game so you really didn’t have many actions to do. Maybe trying the asymmetrical side might play better and getting more empire cards at the beginning while placating the titan in front of you might lead to a better game experience. Will try one more time but most likely will be going in my for trade pile.


The artwork is beautiful. That's about all I really like about the game. It's a super light euro with many elements of luck and set collection (with a very odd mathematical curve). I don't really know who the intended audience of this game is, maybe kids? Mechanics I thought were clever: 1) The military legacy cards that "taught" their disciples once they retired. 2) The skill levels of the workers that selectively blocked other workers, instead of outright blocking other workers.


Very interesting worker placement game. Has some issues at two player count. Phenomenal artwork.


(12/16) 6. One play. Enjoyed it and felt like it might benefit from another play, but something about it didn't quite grab me. Though I'm interested to see how things go when I give it another spin. (10/17) Drop to 5.