Thousands of Years Ago...

The city of Nexus was built around a well of magical power hidden deep below the earth. The discovery of the Ether Well made Nexus soar to incredible wealth and power. Wandering tribes flocked to the city to worship and learn from the mysterious magic beneath it.

As Nexus grew, more and more power was drawn from the well, and as more power was gained, the more unstable the energies of the well became. After millennia of providing Nexus with knowledge and might, the well gave the city something new...Blight.

The Blight destroyed the city and corrupted its citizens into monsters, friends, and demons. The once great city fell into darkness and was forgotten, its wealth and power remembered only as myths. Now the city is rediscovered, drawing heroes and adventurers from across the world. It is up to you to discover what secrets lie Beneath Nexus.

Beneath Nexus is an asymmetrical dungeon crawling card game for 3 to 6 players. Discover powerful treasure and unlock forgotten secrets in your quest to reclaim the city of Nexus. The Heroes combine their unique skills and powers to overcome the trials of The Blight Lord who uses fiendish monsters and dark magic to destroy all who delve Beneath Nexus.

1 Rulebook
6 Oversized Hero Cards
6 Hero Health Cards
1 Toa Ether Card
72 Hero Ability Cards
4 Oversized Blight Lord Cards
60 Spell Cards
34 Monster Cards
5 Monster Health Cards
27 Treasure Cards
10 Oversized Dungeon Cards

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Beneath Nexus

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