The Little Girl is the key to everything...

Ashes to Ashes is a game for 2-5 players (45 min.) in which two factions (Humans and Vampires) try to catch the Chosen One, to bring her back to their own faction base.

During the game, these factions will fight themselves: the annihilation of one of them is one of the other ways to win a game. Humans and Vampires will also face the members of a Secret Society (formed by members of these races), which wants to pursue their own goal and can be played as a third faction or by a bot.

Each faction draws cards and play them: in this way one player can place tiles and/or move special portals, to create a path for their miniatures or to disrupt the route of the opponent's models. The goal is to arrive close to the Chosen One, to catch her and to bring in the own base. Obviously, each player have to balance the ability of the own three Characters, decide which artifact to buy and when attack the other miniatures, to steal the Chosen One from the other faction or to kill an enemy model.
The Secret Society's goal, instead, is to allow the Chosen One to complete her full path: so they can help one faction or the other, but only for a future personal gain.

—description from the publisher

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