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by t2

Highly recommended. The cooperative mechanic was a great addition to our collection.


Best streamlined co-op. Feels very thematic to me. Love traveling the world and curing diseases. Many different roles to try. *Upgraded to newer edition with better box art*


One of the best cooperative games in existence. The only reason I can't give it a 10 is because the learning curve to it is kind of steep. It can be a little overwhelming for new players, but once you get over that hump of learning, it just hums along like a smooth engine. You FEEL the tension of outbreaks lurking in hard-to-reach corners of the earth, and the action point selection makes you really consider your choices carefully. I've never had 2 games of Pandemic feel the same, and that leaves me feeling joyful when I consider playing this game. And sweaty. Joyful sweating.


The tension and co-op makes this game simply sing!


One of the first games I got and is a great one to have started with.


Amazing cooperative game. This was the first coop game I played and I enjoyed it. It is easy to understand, and teach to non-gamers. Plus I enjoy that the level of complexity can change based on how many epidemic cards you add in. fantastic game that can cause some stress but always a blast to play.


Sleeved with Mayday Premium




I was initially wary of Pandemic due to overbearing players playing my turn, but provided there is no-one doing this, the game is actually very fun.


I liked it more at first, and initially rated it an 8. But over time I found myself shying away from it. Among co-ops, this is nearly the worst for quarterbacking, already a problem with the genre. One or two players (the ones with the most experience and/or pushiness) usually end up deciding the moves for everyone.


Own the actual board game and digital copies.


Expansions Owned: On the Brink


Unparallelled in its ability to pull people in. The only time I ever had a table erupt with victory. Defeat is a very real thing too...


Really excellent, and manages to bypass many problems (seemingly) inherent in the coop genre; tension ratchets up at a good pace, sock-puppetry is avoided, and there are no silly and artificial communication rules. Very enjoyable, very quick (45 mins), and very clever. [EDIT] But it ages very quickly.




2-4 45 min.


I can't say I'm a huge fan of co-ops but I love the design of Pandemic. The way the viruses spread is satisfying and also terrifying at the same time. I can understand why this game gets so much love. Thematically, it's pretty interesting. I feel like it can often turn into a solitaire game in many situations because it's basically everyone looking at the smartest player asking what they think they should do. With the right group though this game can be very enjoyable.


Good co-op, tough to not succumb to the leader issue games like this have. I try to use house rules to prevent people from sharing what's in their hands.


1.5 xx




People's Choice Top 100 2012 #5


I don't favor Co-op games in general, but this just feels more like work than fun. After two plays I don't need to play this one again.


2013: Initial rating 7.5. 2014: Down to 7 after a dry game that ended early.


by sky

THE game that got me into hobby gaming.


Always different, Pandemic provides a challenging experience every time. It works with any number of players (one to four, albeit with a different feel with each option), and it is a decent solitaire option. The "On The Brink" expansion adds a fifth player and several new roles and game play options. Still a fantastic hit!


Of the four games I've been in I think one of them may have been won by the group, the rest have seen global populations die off. I am willing to play more but think it's fairly certain I'm an individual and would rather win or lose on my own, no one but myself to blame or thank. More games, at least one more win. I will continue to play if nothing better is on offer but I won't suggest it.




one of my favorite games. This rates very highly with me, especially due to the cooperative nature of the game.


Solid game, I have played it several times. It’s not my favorite game, but it’s a hard game to master. February 2017 $27.77


I enjoy this game a lot. Fiancé finds it bland and not enough variation from play to play to keep it interesting to her after 4-5 plays. Update: We are not straight co-op people. Only hitting the table as a gateway game and some rare solo play.


Just an utter classic. Really fun to explore strategies and contribute opinions in the right group.


Good game, but it's got a big fat quarterbacking problem.


Best introduction to cooperative gaming and a must have for all game collections. Very tense with and easily engaging theme.


Location: Kallax


This has replaced Risk as my go to game if I have an evening to spend playing games. -------------- Played a solo game a while ago and it was quite fun. I have discovered through various playthroughs though that I am not really as big a fan of Pandemic as I thought I was. I much prefer other games in my collection. -------------- This game is brilliant in all the areas that count. It is a fantastically designed game and one that must have been truly groundbreaking when it came out. For me the mechanisms involved in the epidemic cards were a moment where my brain almost exploded in how simple and clever it was. In spite of my awe over the design of the game, it is not a favourite and rarely gets played these days.


Such an impressive game. Brutally difficult but one of the most fun cooperative experiences out there.


Very good and thematic co-op game, but with all players' information out in the open, it suffers from alpha player syndrome


I introduced this to a couple who have never played coop games. They understood it easily and enjoyed it.


Great game but suffers significantly from an alpha player. Not a great game when 2+ players who are familiar with the game are playing with new players.


Wonderful game. A whole lot of teamwork and putting everyone's heads together to determine exactly what to do where and when.


The quintessential cooperative game. Beatable but demanding. Many different roles, although at first a few seem more useful than others. It favours bossy players telling others what to do but it can also lead into great discussions with family and friends about how to best beat the infections. There are other games we like much more, but not all of them can be played with children in an hour.


I never thought that I would enjoy a pure co-op game. But Pandemic pulled me in. As long as you let everyone play their game, this is fun. I have realized that winning is quite random, but the feel of control is good enough to make it enjoyable. Easy to teach. INCLUDED: Pandemic: On the Brink


Drips theme. Love this game but it's not easy to get it to the table due to player count or Alpha Gamer Syndrome.


Drips theme. Love this game but it's not easy to get it to the table due to player count or Alpha Gamer Syndrome.


Have played this a lot in the past. Sold it. Bought the new Edition and then wasn't sure I would keep it. But my wife and I have played it and she loves it and I can see why this is a game that will be in my top 10. Great co-op. Still loving it!


Wife got for me for xmas 2010! woo!


by 3z

Like new


1st edition box... upgraded all cards and components to second edition...


mmmmmmeeehhhhh. I think I need on the brink, or to play it several times with the same people.


Every element of this game isn't so much balanced as precision engineered - it's possible the finest design work I've seen. This is one I want to replay as soon as it's over.


Suffers from quarter backing so hard I almost want to plummet this game into nonexistence within my ratings. How this game is so loved is beyond me. Yes, the scenario is well done and the pieces look nice but I pretty much hate this game. I'd probably rate Pandemic a 2 from my experience with it, but I'm fairly certain that playing this game with a different crowd could skyrocket it several points higher than it is.


Just an unforgiving game.


w/ On the Brink expansion


Nobody in my family wants to play this with me, i don't know why


FULLY SLEEVED 118 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


Base Pandemic is very good and fun to play with others or solo. The variable powers make a big difference. I need expansions to keep it fresh!


Had this game for about a year now and still finding it fresh and challenging. The rules are simple and the game play fun. I am a big fan of cooperative games and this one for me ticks all the boxes. Not tried the expansion yet. Changing my rating from a 9 to an 8 on 30.11.2011. Still liking the game, but lacks the depth that having a week off on holiday and looking for something that's a real ball busting challenge would be. Changing rating from 8 to 7 having now had the option of playing other games and getting a greater appreciation of game mechanics. 14.04.2012 Finally got to play this whilst on holiday with the expansion. If you like the theme of the standard game, then get the expansion.


Really an 8 but gets a boost for being THE game that really got me into board gaming.