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Solid game, I have played it several times. It’s not my favorite game, but it’s a hard game to master. February 2017 $27.77


I enjoy this game a lot. Fiancé finds it bland and not enough variation from play to play to keep it interesting to her after 4-5 plays. Update: We are not straight co-op people. Only hitting the table as a gateway game and some rare solo play.


Just an utter classic. Really fun to explore strategies and contribute opinions in the right group.


Good game, but it's got a big fat quarterbacking problem.


Best introduction to cooperative gaming and a must have for all game collections. Very tense with and easily engaging theme.


Location: Kallax


This has replaced Risk as my go to game if I have an evening to spend playing games. -------------- Played a solo game a while ago and it was quite fun. I have discovered through various playthroughs though that I am not really as big a fan of Pandemic as I thought I was. I much prefer other games in my collection. -------------- This game is brilliant in all the areas that count. It is a fantastically designed game and one that must have been truly groundbreaking when it came out. For me the mechanisms involved in the epidemic cards were a moment where my brain almost exploded in how simple and clever it was. In spite of my awe over the design of the game, it is not a favourite and rarely gets played these days.


Such an impressive game. Brutally difficult but one of the most fun cooperative experiences out there.


Very good and thematic co-op game, but with all players' information out in the open, it suffers from alpha player syndrome


I introduced this to a couple who have never played coop games. They understood it easily and enjoyed it.


Great game but suffers significantly from an alpha player. Not a great game when 2+ players who are familiar with the game are playing with new players.


Wonderful game. A whole lot of teamwork and putting everyone's heads together to determine exactly what to do where and when.


The quintessential cooperative game. Beatable but demanding. Many different roles, although at first a few seem more useful than others. It favours bossy players telling others what to do but it can also lead into great discussions with family and friends about how to best beat the infections. There are other games we like much more, but not all of them can be played with children in an hour.


I never thought that I would enjoy a pure co-op game. But Pandemic pulled me in. As long as you let everyone play their game, this is fun. I have realized that winning is quite random, but the feel of control is good enough to make it enjoyable. Easy to teach. INCLUDED: Pandemic: On the Brink


Drips theme. Love this game but it's not easy to get it to the table due to player count or Alpha Gamer Syndrome.


Drips theme. Love this game but it's not easy to get it to the table due to player count or Alpha Gamer Syndrome.


Have played this a lot in the past. Sold it. Bought the new Edition and then wasn't sure I would keep it. But my wife and I have played it and she loves it and I can see why this is a game that will be in my top 10. Great co-op. Still loving it!


Wife got for me for xmas 2010! woo!


by 3z

Like new


1st edition box... upgraded all cards and components to second edition...


mmmmmmeeehhhhh. I think I need on the brink, or to play it several times with the same people.


Every element of this game isn't so much balanced as precision engineered - it's possible the finest design work I've seen. This is one I want to replay as soon as it's over.


Suffers from quarter backing so hard I almost want to plummet this game into nonexistence within my ratings. How this game is so loved is beyond me. Yes, the scenario is well done and the pieces look nice but I pretty much hate this game. I'd probably rate Pandemic a 2 from my experience with it, but I'm fairly certain that playing this game with a different crowd could skyrocket it several points higher than it is.


Just an unforgiving game.


w/ On the Brink expansion


Nobody in my family wants to play this with me, i don't know why


FULLY SLEEVED 118 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


Base Pandemic is very good and fun to play with others or solo. The variable powers make a big difference. I need expansions to keep it fresh!


Had this game for about a year now and still finding it fresh and challenging. The rules are simple and the game play fun. I am a big fan of cooperative games and this one for me ticks all the boxes. Not tried the expansion yet. Changing my rating from a 9 to an 8 on 30.11.2011. Still liking the game, but lacks the depth that having a week off on holiday and looking for something that's a real ball busting challenge would be. Changing rating from 8 to 7 having now had the option of playing other games and getting a greater appreciation of game mechanics. 14.04.2012 Finally got to play this whilst on holiday with the expansion. If you like the theme of the standard game, then get the expansion.


Really an 8 but gets a boost for being THE game that really got me into board gaming.



Love this game to death, such a great and simple concept and at least for me always feels like we win by the skin of our teeth


Easily one of my favorite games to play with the wife. Great game I have probably played over a hundred times.


Fun but challenging co-op game. Strategy seems a bit too complex if I was playing with newbies. Prone to having an alpha player dictate the game for everyone. Seems like there is a bit too much luck in not losing.


This got me into board gaming, but I've moved on to better games. A few in my group like it, but I try to steer away from it. I'll play if they insist.


Meh. Its kind of fun. I like the theme, gameplay doesn't grab me.


2-5 player (best 4) 30-90 minutes


Great co-op game, especially for a new gamer. On the Brink is borderline necessary to play this game.




Fun, but I'd rather play the variations at this point (The Cure, Pandemic: Cthulhu)


Really good game, but not sure if I want to go back after playing Legacy.


Great theme, excellent mechanism, best co-op game I know. Might get repetitive and challenge solely based on luck, but I guess that's what the expansions are for.


2-4, 60m


I'm mostly out on co-ops. The systems are largely the same, and rarely interesting after you see them once or twice. Pandemic gets a certain respect from me for its influence, but I don't know if I'll ever play it again. Great way to introduce people to board games, though... Trade Condition Notes: Excellent condition


Really enjoy it but can only really bring it out a family get togethers when there are enough adults to play these types of games.


Cooperative game friendly to non-gamers: Race around the world stopping disease outbreaks and finding cures. Even with all of the expansions and variations on this core system, Pandemic remains one of the best.


I enjoy playing this game, but it was not for my group since they are too competitive. I tried to get my wife into it, but couldn't. It would probably be a good solo game, but isn't worth the setup when I can play games online if I want to.


A fairly quick cooperative game, and probably a good one to get non-gamers into the hobby. The mechanics are simple, but the game can still be challenging. I'm not sure if this is because a certain number of games are unwinnable due to sheer dumb luck, or if this is because to frequently win you have to be somewhere on the learning curve that I haven't reached. Either way, it's still enjoyable, and seems to work well for a variety of people, so I'd assume it will work for most groups. There is some imbalance between the characters, which is unfortunate, but in a cooperative game it's less of a big deal. There is also the issue of do-what-the-strongest-player-says, but it seems like this is almost a universal feature of cooperative games, and Pandemic isn't necessarily worse than the others.


I like the idea of co-op games but the only ones that I had played were Arkham Horror and LOTR. Those are good games but l-o-n-g. This one finished up in about 45 minutes with 4 epidemics. A nice beat-the-clock feel to it and I would certainly play this again. I liked the map, the chunky wood pieces and the gameplay. It is not something that I would buy, I think, but definitely worth the play time.


Pandemic by itself was always too dry for me. But the expansion makes it interesting enough to buy. Got them together w/ sleeves thru Tanga


[Pending to sleeve]


Kjartan has this.


This game is, well, infectious.


Donated 1/8/16


My first, and for a while my favorite cooperative game. Its incredibly prone to quarterbacking, but generally I've always felt like part of a team. My biggest grievance is that certain setups can make the game impossible, in a literal way. Its not like that happens often at all (maybe once ever), but the possibility turns me off. Over the years they have added new roles with new mechanisms, but certain roles clearly trump others. Granted, this offers additional challenge on top of game variance, but I rarely view it from that perspective. Also, since the release of the Legacy edition, I will likely never play the base game ever again.


(+) Theme and mechanics fit really well together, unique player abilities, variable difficulty, promotes teamwork, fun and realistic theme (-) Some roles seem quite weaker than others, alpha players can control the game (needs the right group), can feel the same after a while (played this to death before I started tracking my plays), Pandemic: On the Brink seems like a better version of this


Nice coop. I think it is a little easy to win.


This is the granddaddy of modern cooperative games, the game that largely set the formula for other modern cooperative games. It's the perfect gateway game for new strategy and/or cooperative gamers. I have played it a lot and really loved it. That said, I only give it an 8 because many newer cooperative games (building on the Pandemic formula) have added more depth. I'll probably never play the original Pandemic again, except when introducing new gamers to cooperative games, but I nonetheless find it one of the most fun experiences I have had in gaming.


I can't get enough games with this game.


Very susceptible to alpha player problems which sucks a lot of what fun is there. Haven't played it with any expansions, so my rating is purely based on the base game.


(7/16) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. Obviously a groundbreaking game, but after having played so many games, especially Pandemic Legacy, I don't feel myself drawn to this one much more.


A much more interesting co-op game then Forbidden Island - more robust and more challenging.


Save the world from diseases. Really good theme and a co-op done really well.