878: Vikings - Invasions of England

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Feels like the best iteration of the system. Fast-moving, great asymmetry, and perhaps the best instantiation of forcing one side to be the aggressor and sweep the map. Not a huge fan of all the event cards, and I have yet to try any of the expansion modules, but I am intrigued. [EDIT] Still a fan, but I'm dubious both of the expansion modules and the option of choosing your own event cards. There's also a lot of luck--card draws, activation order, and dice-rolling.


Still early days with this title, but so far I am impressed. The combat resolution is inspired, and I love that the designers have crafted custom dice for each factio. This allows the designers to attribute whatever strength and weaknesses they wish to a single faction. I suspect there might be room for more innovations with this approach.


9 after 1 play. Need to see if the British side will balance a little better after a few more plays