Star Wars X-Wing: Core Set

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Great game. You can also play with more than just 2 players.


awesome game. Really gives you the feeling of flying around in space attacking each other. I love that they have came out with so many ships not that you really can immerse yourself in the star wars universe. overall fantastic game with great pre-painted miniatures.


As far as nearly mass market minis games go, you could do a lot worse. FFG handles the meta with all the delicacy and precision of a jackhammer, though, which is obnoxious. but the balance is mostly okay. The theme doesn't do much for me, but I accept that I am in the minority on this one. [EDIT] I'm now definitively done with X-Wing. FFG just can't handle a competitive meta at all--their preferred solution to perceived imbalances is to clumsily nerf things into the ground, lumbering from one post-tournament kludge after another. The JumpMaster has seen what, four successive revisions? Setting all that aside, though, to play the game well seems to involve denying your opponent the ability to play much at all. Building a good list is too often about ensuring that your gaming partner doesn't get to have fun (stress, tractors, bumping, arc dodging, etc.), and that's a huge turn-off for me.




This is so much fun. The closest thing I can think of is Battlelore 2nd edition. I would not enjoy the tournament play but playing with friends and a handful of the expansions is great.


Really do like this, but I am terrible at it.I have played with more than just the base set, but only have the base set myself. I am still in two minds about whether I will purchase more. ______ As you can see below, I have purchased more...


Always looking for more ships in trade.




Love playing this game. Unfortunately my group has moved away from two player miniatures games. I think the only minis game that might beat X-Wing for me would be Armada, however I have not been able to play that.


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Sucked into buying by the shut up and sit down review.



Love the theme, love the miniatures. Components are 1st class. I like the expansions, however, I REALLY HATE that some of the most important upgrade cards come in the epic ship boxes ($100). I could give at least a 9.5 rating if the upgrade cards were available to players on a budget. The simultaneous hidden maneuvering mechanic and the bluffing is what makes this game so fun for me. One of the best "games to play with kids."


Shane owns


Fun dogfighting game!


I know I'm in the minority, but I still like the Star Trek implementation better