Grand Austria Hotel board game
Grand Austria Hotel board game

Grand Austria Hotel

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Vienna was one of the major centers of Europe. Artists, politicians, nobles, citizens, and tourists populated the streets of the city, and the emperor ruled them all.  

You are in the thick of the Viennese Modern Age, trying your luck as a hotelier. For that, you must expand your little hotel and prepare new rooms. In the meantime, your guests require culinary excellence. Make sure each and every guest receives a proper dish and drink. You may need to hire additional staff.  

Despite all that, do not forget to render homage to the emperor, or you will fall into disgrace pretty soon. Face the challenge and turn your little hostel into the Grand Austria Hotel!

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  • This would be an 8 for me, but the downtime with 4 players was too much. It seems like it would be better with 2 or 3 players, and I might raise this rating if I ever try it at those player counts.
  • If you draft your starting staff this is closer to an 8, but random staff at the start can really skew the balance and ruin the experience.
  • 2-4 ~90
  • Probably good with 2, terrible with 4. A mish mash of mechanics that make for a typical euro with a weird snaking turn order that makes for way too much downtime.
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Haha really really want list. I like it. At any rate it's a solid list. I'd recommend the 2 I own #Spirit Island and#Food Chain Magnate which are number 7 and 12 on my top 25 respectively. Although I have always wanted to try both#Grand Austria Hotel and#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar. Can't really go wrong

I have room for 4-5 more games on my shelf, and after filling that I plan to take a break from buying for a long while.  So in general, I'm looking to buy stuff.  Since the primary check I place on my buying is to make myself wait for really good deals, big sales are always welcome.

I have a ton of games on my wishlist and I'd be happy to add any of them, but the 5 games I'd most like to pick up are:

  1. #Architects of the West Kingdom
  2. #Food Chain Magnate
  3. #Grand Austria Hotel
  4. #Spirit Island
  5. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

I tend to get to play most of what pops up as there are several game buys in my group.  However, there is always more to play.  My list not in any order:

  • #Lisboa Looks cool.  Play is complex.  Should make for a juicy afternoon.
  • #Ra I like auction games with my group.  I'm not great at them but we have a ton of fun.
  • #The Voyages of Marco Polo: Ever since seeing it on SU&SD I've been interested in playing it.  Looks like my type of game.  No one in my group owns it...yet...
  • #Eclipse: Traded for this game quite a while ago.  Haven't been able to get it to the table yet!
  • #Rising Sun: I love dudes on a map games but I already own quite a few so I can't justify getting this one.  Maybe I'll trade one of my other ones away for it one day.
  • #Grand Austria Hotel: Every automated "find your next game" web site always puts this one in my top few.  Looks interesting, want to try it!
  • #Mombasa: It's always looked interesting to me.  I haven't managed to find it for a price I am willing to pay yet.


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