Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

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I've played this twice now. I'm not really into the Superhero thing, but the gameplay is quite interesting.Yes, I feel like it's basically just an improved version of Ascension as far as gameplay goes, but brings back the harder setup time that Dominion and other Deck Builders tend to have that Ascension did away with.However, even though I'm not all that into the Superhero theme, the gameplay is fun enough that I don't mind playing it. I think it's better than the other Superhero games I've tried.Heck, I'm not really into the deck building thing much either, but this game has two strikes against it, yet I still don't mind playing it.


This is a hit or miss game - I've had great fun with my siblings who were suprised at how fun it was and with other family members who found it too long and boring.


I'd play if suggested, but I won't ever suggest it. I'd rather play the Alien version of this system at this point.


I wanted to like this one a lot more than I do. The games take a while to set up, play can last 2+ hours, and then re-boxing is a chore. In addition the randomization can lead to games that are shockingly short and easy or crushingly hard and tiresome, with no way of knowing the difference until you start. I will say that the theme is a great way to get people invested and if you’re okay with how random the game is there’s over a dozen expansions to keep it fresh.


Love the theme and look forward to more playthroughs.


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Wanted to like this more, but the setup takes too long and it takes too long to play. The characters don't have all their powers so it feels like you are playing part of each character. It also did not feel very cooperative.


Easy to pick up & play semi-co-op deck-builder, rich with the Marvel theme. Lots of expansions to mix and match.


Marvel, artwork, theme, deck builder... endless variety... simply superb fun.


1 xx


This was alright, but nothing special. Other than the card art, nothing sets it apart from any other tableau deckbuilder.


ordered 11/17/2012 from CSI order #CSI-704273 expected delivery 11/21/2012 http://fedex.com/Tracking/Detail?sum=y&ascend_header=1&clienttype=dotcom&mi=n&snbr=0&spnlk=spnl0&cntry_code=us&tracknumber_list=010329366061263&language=english&trackNum=010329366061263


3/10/16 - purchased lightly used for $40 Cards sleeved and included Dark City, Paint the Town Red, and Fantastic 4 expansions


This will require more table time. It's not bad, but I wasn't blown away with anything that I would call awesome about this either. I will certainly give it +many+ more chances.


Superhero theme and baggage wears this one down. Great game made better in the Encounters sibling.


The game is a little scripted since only 5(6) cards are available for purchase at any point. However, everything else is awesome. All of our favourite heroes and villains appear in the game and the whole family can play and enjoy the game. There is a clear first player advantage, but we don't care. INCLUDED: Legendary: Dark City Legendary: Fantastic Four Legendary: Paint the Town Red Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy


You might say the wife and I are still enjoying this. Still


Limited choices and forced specializations weigh this game down from what it could (and should) have been.


Fantastic game with the Dark City expansion. Base set is too easy. Dark city really gets the ball rolling and has you frantically trying to win.


Really like the theme, and the game play works well for most of the game. It just feels like a more random Dominion with Marvel characters. Also not a fan of the semi co-op part of the game.


Quite possibly the best game I own. The mechanics are simple enough for new players to jump right in, but strategic enough to engage even the most avid gamer. It is dripping with official 1st party Marvel theme. (Sort of a jab at Sentinels of the Multiverse). There are so many modes and expansions to this game that it continually keeps the game fresh. Not to mention the custom high quality fan-made expansions and player aids!


w/ Dark City, and Noir


7.6 / 1-5 Best 3 / 45m / Overall 106 / Thematic 35 / 2.47


First game in, seems fairly solid game & fun. Includes alternate art work cards for Hulk Spiderman


A better version of Ascension. The villain row solves the purchase/combat flood that can make Ascension annoying. The schemes are also add a lot of theme and gameplay variety to the game, especially schemes from newer expansions. Legendary is one of my most played games. My wife and I love it. It has just enough competition for a couples game. For me, the Marvel comics license just adds to the cost, hurting this games value.


Semi-coop which I don't really like. Makes a bit of a mess with the Ascension mechanics. Not awful or anything, if I liked superheroes it would be fun I'm sure.


The main reason this isn't higher is the setup time to pick characters and generate decks. Otherwise I always like it (cooperatively only)


This game has replaced Ascension for me. I really enjoy this game.


by afjb

Our first deck building game that we have played. Since my son and I are huge Marvel fans it was easy to select this game. It's great fun! It's challenging yet the rules are easy to grasp. We have only done a couple of schemes so far so I am sure it will get more difficult! But, we love it.




Trading as a set only all cards sleeved


A great semi co-op deckbuilding game with the Marvel license. The base game is where semi co-op shines more, because the expansions ramp up the difficulty making it harder to even have a shot at winning if everyone isn't working together.


(10/17) 6. My one play of this was very stuttering. Gotta give it another shot.