Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

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I mean, it's a marginal improvement over the disgrace that is TI:3, so I gave it a half a point bump--the tech tree is much more user-friendly. Other than that, my comment for TI:3 stands: Setting aside the fact that it encourages turtling, setting aside the fact that the rules are a poorly-worded affront to usability, setting aside the grotesquely unbalanced everything (cards, chits, powers, etc. etc.) that have a huge effect on the game state, setting aside the fact that the victory conditions are at best stale and at worst utterly broken, setting aside the fact that the components themselves are some of the least user-friendly I've seen... Wait, what was I getting at? Oh, yeah. Setting aside all that, there's precious little to actually do! You're always constrained by artificially-imposed bottlenecks or the simple fact that in this "epic" 8 hour monstrosity you basically just play weaksauce Puerto Rico in space and slowly move your lumbering fleets around.


First game of the new edition 2/12/2017


For the longest time this was my holy grail game, decadence in the form of cardboard and plastic, so once the fourth edition came out I had to grab it. So happy to have finally played and I think it lived up to the expectation and I will definitely be pushing to play this more


Twilight Imperium is the one game that has it all: variable player powers, space battles, conquering planets, trade, negotiations, tech tree, politics, and space cats! It is not perfect, but comes closer to the 'perfect game' than any other. Playtime is very long, which makes it hard to get to the table. Games are always epic and memorable. Currently setting up monthly games to 'train' a larger group of players, which hopefully lowers the threshold and duration for future plays. TI2 used to be a huge favorite with our groups 2 decades ago, when we still had the time to indulge in these types of games. TI4 brings back a lot of good memories and has improved the overall experience.


I've been able to play this game once a month since purchasing. I've taught it to 12 different guys and we cannot get enough. I've also listened to every SCPT podcast! There is no game out there that has the grand a scale and keeps its players so engaged. The sheer amount of options for building your faction keep me thinking about my previous game for days afterward.


When I discovered the board gaming as a hobby as an adult, I immediately noticed this gem. And one thing led to another and I ended up having this in my shelve. I love it! I enjoyed every moment of every session of it. Can't wait to play it again.