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So much back and forth, keeps everyone on their toes until the end every time.


Really happy to find this at the bazaar. Been meaning to track it down for a while. It's simple, funny, and quite good! I heard it needs an expansion and I'm not surprised. Edit: got pretty stale, even with the Anarchy expansion. I appreciate that it lets you play 6p but you shouldn't. It exacerbates the already severe rich get richer problem.


Nasty game. e: Bumped up my rating a *lot* after playing with groups where it actually works. Man, this game is so much fun.


by klz

Plays quickly and has plenty of second guessing and outguessing of your opponents. Similar to Arkadia - plenty of Euro in just an hour play time, only for blind bidding games.


A fun bidding game with three resources to manage and many paths to victory. Probably scales weirdly to number of players, as blind bidding requires you to predict, at least to some extent, the actions of the other players, so I should probably mention that my rating is based solely on plays with 4. No clear dominant strategy, and a competent player should be able to derail any "engine".


(1/16) 7. (9/17) Drop to 5. I still like this game a lot but it's fallen flat a couple times recently.