The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

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Puzzle card game that felt like it would be better as an app.


kickstarter base game + PnP expansion characters


I will admit that the Android App version of this game ultimately ruined the game for me. When I was able to play it swiftly and often, I began to more easily see that there is not really much of a game here and what is remaining could be placed in any setting. Perhaps it plays better outside of the solo setting.


W/ Exp: Fan Favorites, Helping Hands, and Wardens Attack Loved the books and knew I'd be going all in when the Kickstarter came around. The biggest perk of Dresden Files is it's designed to be quick. One key drawback is the amount of luck you could end up with depending on the cards that wind up in your deck or in the story, but resetting and trying again is easy enough.