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I've only played this once, but I want to play it again. I really like the engine building mechanic and uniqueness of each individual card. The art is beautiful realistic pictures of birds and each card has a different bird and fun fact.


Good. Not Great. I'd rather just crank through a game of Race for the Galaxy. I don't need a copy in my library, but if it were the only thing on offer, I probably wouldn't turn my nose up at it. Nothing about it WOWs me though.


Beautiful. Easy to play engine builder. Variety of ways to get points.


It's beautiful. For some it's over hyped, but we're bird lovers, and love watching birds, so it was an instant buy. It took a while to get, but it was worth the weight.


Played just once. Just learning but definitely want to keep playing this game and look at different strategies. My wife really likes this game as well. Have played a complete 2 player game. Took us awhile in making sure we had the rules correct but enjoyed the game and will play again.


terrible game with little to no playtest


Wingspan had a great unique theme and fun engine building scheme. Easy to teach new players and is immediately engaging.


Best: 3 Time: 40-70 Min Weight: 2.37


Wonderful engine-builder that just runs silky smooth.


Unique set collection game. I like the activation mechanic and the end-of-round scoring. I can't see two game being the same. Gorgeous components (except that plain-Jane score sheet pad) are visually appealing. The birdfeeder is gimmicky, but fits the theme. Oh, the theme: it's birds. Not zombies, again. Or spaceships, again. Or dungeons, again. It's a very unique theme tied up in a great game system.


Made rahdo top 25 for 2019 Interested as has automa for solo play Thought after first game - light engine building game (as in rules are very easy to explain) parts of which reminded me of deus. It was a 5 player game and everyone took a different path to victory. Scores ended up being within 5 points for the top 4. Lots of hidden depth I feel, with card combos not being fully exploited in our first game,


Solid enginebuilder that flows nicely


An easy to learn engine-builder that leaves you wanting more after each play. Light on player interaction but strong on offering options and interesting decisions every turn. Much like The Castles of Burgundy you will never feel like there's nothing you can do to help yourself, but you will often realize you cannot do exactly what you had hoped.


Very sweet & enjoyable game, very simple to understand, and quick to play. If you get a lot of cards that work together it can turn runaway, though. Not perfect, but very sweet and some of my favorite artwork of all time.


It's a friendly engine-building game to play with low-mid complexity and only taking 40 to 60 minutes to finish a game. Pretty decent replayability with high diversity in cards and goals to change end of round scoring. Randomness in card draw and available food resources to pay for cards does affect your strategy, but never in a way that makes you lose. Adaptability is key. The engine you try to build in Round 1 won't necessarily be the engine you end up with in Round 4. Player interaction in this game is limited but still inclusive. People take food resources and bird cards from a shared pile. There are also birds with abilities that feed off of other players. For example, a card may have you gain a food resource when another player gains one. This serves to still have competitive interaction between players but limited to positive gains. No player will attack another player's engine or do damage to their board. This is great for players who don't want to damage another player because they don't like the feeling of doing so. The artwork is beautiful for a rare theme that might not appeal to everyone. All in all, it is a great game and I enjoy it very much. Because of it's quick time to play, it serves as a great warm-up game with serious players but can also serve as a fun intro game to more casual and light-hearted players who want a competitive game without attacking each other through "violent" actions.