Pay 3 Fuel to move an opponent's
ship to a different Orbital Facility and
use it as if it were your own ship.

The ship may not change value during the
move and may not be moved onto or
off the Terraforming Station.

The Mind Control Helmet costs more to use than the Orbital Teleporter because you're using a larger pool of other players' ships, almost guaranteeing you can find the right number to accomplish your goal.

It has all of the same restrictions as the Orbital Teleporter...
Cannot remove a ship from the Terraforming Station
Cannot change the ship's value in transit
Cannot use it at the same facility it came from

...plus one extra restriction...
Cannot move a ship onto the Terraforming Station

Two MCH cards were included free if you pre-ordered the base game from the second print run.

A limited quantity of MCH cards are available for separate purchase.

The MCH is included with all copies of the game as of the 3rd edition.

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