This War Of Mine: The Board Game

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What an excellent game for 1 player. Despite being for 1-6 players, I find it hard to imagine a group of people sitting there and enjoying their time together being depressed about the horrors of war.That is why this is such a great game for playing solo - it makes you think about serious stuff, and have really crucial moments for your characters in your decision making. This is a resource management game where the objective is to survive - and bad stuff happens all the time in this game, so your characters will always be on edge.The rules are not the strong point of this game. The designers thought it would be a good idea to chop down the rules in several sections of the script (it's NOT), and failed to mention how several things in the game work (ie can I skip the Scavenging phase? What are the yellow numbers in tokens, are they the number of items - only to find out on my own that it could only be the price - or what does the "/" mean? Is it "or" or "and"?) All in all, the rules assume you will know stuff and that is a HORRIBLE experience. It made me frustrated every time I found myself confused on what to do not because of the decisions I had to take, but because I didn't know the rules.But once I learned how to play the hard way, the experience was great - I had a lot of fun playing solo.


8/10, with the caveat that this only be played at 1-2 (maybe 3?) player count. The game is very different than most, with it acting closer to an interactive story than a win/lose game. But when taken with these things in mind, it has a nice flow to it, telling an evocative story.


I think I'd feel a lot more positively towards this game if I didn't have Kingdom Death: Monster. A lot of stuff can and does happen, but it's all rather samey and grindingly attritional. This does not communicate to me the horrors of war, but rather the banality of bookkeeping. There are some clever bits, and the game does have a fair amount of personality--but once you get some home improvement done, you're mostly just heading out for some wood and water and and weathering the events as best you can.


Brutally difficult, and not really my type of Game. If it were the only one the group wanted to play, I'd play it, but would never recommend it, or suggest a play.


I've had some of my most memorable gaming experiences with this game.


Too long, way too long. And more than that, the nightly exploration deck is too small so you know it in and out even before you finish your first game. The "one of starting characters must survive" rule looks our of place.


Really good game! I do miss a rulebook tho. The game says the manual is the only thing you need and the game teaches you everything else but i find it very fuzzy with alot of rules. Downloaded a guide here with the rules and hidden rules to get over that part. Also the app is really really nice to have when playing. Heavy theme that surely DO NOT fit alot of players.