Spirits of The Wild

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one of the best 2 player games I've played and the components look beautiful


Great little filler game, nice production value. Knew it was very light before purchasing and yet it still ended up being too light to justify keeping it.


Simple and quick. I'd probably only play this with my nieces & nephews. Just too simple, but nicely put together and beautiful art and components.


Nice, light game. It has a decent amount of luck, but is still fun.


This is a really neat little package all around. From the insert to the components included here it's a stellar production especially for the few bucks I picked it up for (on sale at Target). It's a quick game that will last maybe 10 minutes, and the depth of strategy is fairly shallow. Nonetheless it's still a great game to pull out if you and a partner want to pass the time, if you need a palette cleanser between meatier games, or of course need something that's going to be interesting and somewhat challenging for younger players.


This is a pretty juvenile game about pulling stones from the bag and creating constellations with them. The art is decent, but the game didn't really interest me. My nine year old loves it though.


This game is [i]phenomenal[/i] – which came as a very pleasant surprise to me, being from Mattel and purchased somewhat on a whim for a little over $6. Boy was I happy when I discovered what a gem it is! In fact, I'd put Spirits of the Wild on roughly the same level as Lost Cities or Patchwork – both of which are rightfully entrenched in 2P gaming lore. My 8-year-old daughter loves it and can easily contest my scores, which is not to say that the gameplay feels kid-like (it decidedly does not) or that it is not deep or puzzly (it is, but not in a brain-burning way). It fits into the perfect part of the spectrum: it always feels complex in a clever sort of way, yet I could play with my wife after a long day even if we're both wiped out. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Our relax and chill game. Very fun to play, a slight bit of meanness, beautiful to look at and I still can't believe how cheap it is for what you get. The stones are nice to hold.