Spirits of The Wild


Inspired by traditional storytelling, Spirits of the Wild is an exciting, easy to learn, 2-player strategy game of taking powerful stones. Use action cards to help five animals collect their favorite Spirit Stones on your player board and earn valuable points. But beware of Coyote! Your opponent can block your moves by using the crafty Coyote until it can be moved again. Each animal has its own rules for placing the stones; for example, the slow and simple turtle wants only stones of the same color, the quick and nimble rabbit wants three stones in three different colors, and the strict and methodical owl wants stones in like-colored pairs. the Spirit Power cards possess abilities available to both players and can be used to dramatically shift a player's strategy. the player with the most points wins the game, but if there's a tie, the player with Coyote wins. Includes 1 bowl, 1 Coyote pawn, 56 stones in 7 colors, 1 cloth bag, 2 player boards, 12 action cards, and 6 Spirit Power cards. Colors and decorations may vary.

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