Hey, That's My Fish!

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Fantastic game for all player counts. Simple mechanics, variable board setup mean the puzzle is slightly different each time. Take that and some thinking make it a nice filler and good to play with the kids.Great iPad game, even with other players. Kids love the graphics.The physical version is ok, but the setup is fiddly so we tend to play this more on an iPad.


Very Good game that is quite tactical. Which is surprising considering the simple rules. Easy enough to grasp for children while still being very deep strategic game if played by adults.


Clever game, reminds me of Battle Sheep. The hexes are a bit messy to keep taking off and rearranging them on the table. Very good for family play.


Played once, was allright.


cool litle idea. plus it has penguins.


No Review Description


More strategic than it appears, yet playable by very young children. There is an engineer in our group that seemingly cannot be beaten (by any of us), so we don't play it much when he's present. He must have figured out something we haven't seen. My tip? Carve out a section to isolate one of your penguins.


A fiddlier, less interesting DVONN. Sure it's multiplayer, but quite frankly I have little to no interest in multiplayer abstracts--especially when Through the Desert is so much better and more open. Cute, but easily forgettable is the final verdict.


Surprising depth for a light game. Idk if I want to play it a bunch more but it was great for a small box $10 game.


Super simple and easy to teach. At the same time there's a solid amount of room for strategy. Really it's a straight forward abstract game with a penguin theme painted over it. It definitely gets harder to strategize as the player count goes up. Setup is a pain though and drops my rating a lot.


Simple abstract strategy title that plays quickly, making it an excellent filler.


We got the deluxe edition. It's great and the penguins are lovely.


Deluxe edition


Very simple to set up and explain, it also plays in minutes. Looks like a child's game but can be played strategically and an experienced player should always win over a first timer. 2017-12 Decided it wasn't getting played so a friend wanting a copy should have it.


Fun theme lightens up this otherwise solid abstract. I have only played with 4 players and the game is a little chaotic this way, but it is still fun. We learned that cutting off other penguins was more important than solely focusing on 3-fish floes.


This is a pretty cool little abstract with a short play-time. The strategy can be really intense and yet not so deep that you have to spend a ton of time thinking about where to go. 


Great game to play with kids!


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/hey-thats-my-fish-2003/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/hey-thats-my-fish-2003-accessibility-teardown/


Kids. Neat little game. Set up takes too long.


Setup is a pain, and takes too long. Aggressive area control game. Fun wooden penguins. Approachable gateway game; easy to learn mechanics. A "cute" cut-throat game that kids enjoy due to the theme and simple mechanics.


Fun game. Accessible to kids and adults alike.


Easy, but takes a long time to setup. Good for kids.


Looks like a fun, family style, puzzle game, and to a certain extent it is. However, the entire game comes down to penguin placement. Once players get a knack for the game it becomes fairly easy to determine which players have the best (or worst) chances of victory, but players don't have enough options to effectively turn to the tide.


Very simple and fun game. It's easy set up, quick gameplay and simple rules make it a "themed tic tac toe". Also penguins.


Fiddly game on the table. Prefer the app version but a good game :)