13 Dead End Drive

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The game looks very good with all the nice pieces and traps. The theme also is quite nice (you need to escape the mansion with as much money as possible, while everone is trying to kill the other players' characters through various traps. I've played it twice and both time the game lasted a bit too long. May play again, will probably trade it away.


It's actually not a bad little kids' game, and the pieces and theme make it pretty fun for adults as well. Some bluffing, but mostly just plain fun as you maneuver pawns around the board to get killed. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with more players, too.


roll and move with an interesting "clue"-like feel, but with traps that actually spring and knock over pawns.


Fun kid's game with cool bits.


"Mousetrap" meets "Clue"!


Great copy of the classic with all original pieces and cards. Board is excellent shape and box shows some corener rips and minimal wear for the age. Still has cardbord insert in excellent shape sheet and all manuals. Cards show normal wear for the age/use but all are included and in good condition.


A roll-and-move, with a bluffing element thrown in. Not much going on here, but it's for kids, and some kids, my 8-year-old self included, find the plastic traps enough to make the whole thing worthwhile.