Middle Earth Quest

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If you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings (how can you not be?) and you enjoy meaty Ameritrash games, then I don't see how you could NOT enjoy this one. I enjoy both, so of course I love this game. It's great that I can get my LotR fix with more than 2 players; I have no desire to play WotR with anything other than 2. As with most recent FFG games of this style, the designers have incorporated several Euro mechanics in order to decrease the downtime, the length of the game, and the randomness--all of which I appreciate. It will still take a couple of plays to become familiar with all the cards, but after that, it should play in a couple of hours.The novel mechanics of how Hero movement and combat are related are very impressive. The combat system is heads-and-tails better than that of Arkham Horror, with a similar story feel to it.In what other game can a hero sneak into Barad Dur to rescue the tortured Gollum, and then get ambushed by the Mouth of Sauron?


by paka

Nice game, needs more plays.




Adventure, not battle, is the focus with this title. The mechanic of the life pool, rest pool, and damage pool with the same deck of character cards is a redeeming one. There are excruciatingly difficult risk/reward decisions throughout... it's actually two games in one, as the Sauron player has their own rules. Very interesting... got a chance to demo this with the developer at GenCon. It hits the table often, actually. Also, after any play of this, I typically spend the next three or four days with excellent game ideas quite unrelated to this game. There's something here that stimulates the creative side of my brain in some manner.


Middle-Earth Quest. What a puzzling game to review. I love the game and all the different things that can happen. The fantastic encounter system allows for really thematic situations but some of them (like the Balrog in Moria) will only happen every several games. One player is playing a game of influence setting plots and moving monsters around trying to slow down the heroes. The other players, the heroes, wander around the huge board trying to spoil Sauron's plots and while doing so they get to train with famous characters, level up and improve their personal deck of cards, which they use for moving and fighting. Sadly, the game has two shortcomings: initial information lacks variety. There are too few initial plots for Sauron and missions for both parties. This makes it very easy to guess what may be the final objective for the opponent and concentrate on that. The second shortcoming is a rather undeveloped and disappointing final fight to declare a winner in case no party was able to win the game during the regular phase. It is disheartening because it seems like both issues could be fixable very easily with an expansion, even a small one. Sadly, it does not seem like that is a possibility at all. In short, Middle-Earth Quest feels like a wonderfully varied adventure game constrained by both edges: the beginning and the end.


looking and strategic, just a bit longer .......