Middle Earth Quest board game
Middle Earth Quest board game

Middle Earth Quest

Middle-Earth Quest is set in the seventeen-year period between Bilbo's birthday party and the Ring's departure from the Shire, as described in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings. One player takes the role of Sauron, who is attempting to dominate Middle-earth with his nefarious plots and evil minions. Up to three other players take the roles of heroes who must hold the darkness at bay until Gandalf's plans have matured. To do so, the heroes must embark on dangerous quests and consult with the famous characters of Middle-earth to gain favor and knowledge. Will you play as Sauron and claim Middle-earth as your own? Or will you play as a hero and stand against the Dark Lord? The fate of Middle-earth rests in your hands!

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  • Medium heavy, asymmetric 1-vs-many adventure game with a WotR vibe and mechanics similar to Runebound. Unlike most adventure games, the focus here is not on leveling up and collecting gear, but on fulfilling your secret mission and racing your plot markers.The heroes are exploring, doing quests, and collecting favour tokens, while the Sauron player is trying to delay them in their progress, using influence tokens, monsters, and influence cards.The character deck is used for both movement and combat, making for some tough decisions. The combat mini-game allows for some great mind games.The game is very thematic, and has a nice flow. It plays in 2-3 hours, and is never boring. If only the end game could be more climactic.
  • If you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings (how can you not be?) and you enjoy meaty Ameritrash games, then I don't see how you could NOT enjoy this one. I enjoy both, so of course I love this game. It's great that I can get my LotR fix with more than 2 players; I have no desire to play WotR with anything other than 2. As with most recent FFG games of this style, the designers have incorporated several Euro mechanics in order to decrease the downtime, the length of the game, and the randomness--all of which I appreciate. It will still take a couple of plays to become familiar with all the cards, but after that, it should play in a couple of hours.The novel mechanics of how Hero movement and combat are related are very impressive. The combat system is heads-and-tails better than that of Arkham Horror, with a similar story feel to it.In what other game can a hero sneak into Barad Dur to rescue the tortured Gollum, and then get ambushed by the Mouth of Sauron?
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    Nice game, needs more plays.
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It suffers from a lack of plots and missions and a disappointing final part in some cases. Both of those we have addressed by making our own components and changing some of the rules. The version we play at home, with it's legacy system and all, is an incredible experience.


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