Ex Libris board game
Ex Libris board game

Ex Libris

In Ex Libris, you are a collector of rare and valuable books in a thriving fantasy town. The Mayor has just announced a new seat in the Village Council, Grand Librarian. The prestigious and lucrative position will be awarded to the citizen with the most extraordinary library! Unfortunately, several of your book collector colleagues (more like acquaintances, really) are also candidates.

To outshine your competition, you'll need to expand your personal library by sending your trusty assistants out into the village to find the most impressive tomes. Sources for the finest books are scarce, so you'll need to beat your opponents to them when they pop up - especially if they match your library's secret focus!

You only have a few days before the Mayor's Official Inspector comes to judge your library, so be sure your assistants have all your books shelved in time! She is a tough cookie, and will use her Official Inspection Form to grade your library on several criteria including alphabetical order, shelf stability, prominent works, and variety. And don't think she'll turn a blind eye to books the Council has banned! You'll need shrewd planning, cunning tactics, and perhaps a little magic to surpass your opponents and become Grand Librarian!

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  • Its a fun game and a really fun theme. The text on the action tiles is waaaaay too small. It ruined a lot of the experience for me. Also, there seems to be too much to keep track of for this weight of game IMO. Overall its good, but not great.
  • Excellent game.
  • Bad graphic design choices with text on location tiles. Don't like that the table becomes way too crowded with tiles and cards the more you play. My 2-player game took longer than it should and made my head hurt by the end of it rather than provide fun. Don't really have any desire to play this again.
  • 1.2.18 Worker placement game with scoring derived from player-area patterns, set collection, and secret goals. Low player interaction. Ho-hum. Could see this dropping to a 5. PROS -Special Assistant meeples are extremely cool, cardboard is thick, cards are high quality, and art was cute but not too cute. -Some variability due to letter cards and locations. -Multiple scoring considerations. CONS -Don't feel pressured to make alphabetized shelf or be that accurate. -Despite variety of locations, few seemed to be that interesting. -Special Assistant powers go from "AWESOME!" to "I guess that's not bad."
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