7 Ronin board game
7 Ronin is an asymmetric two-player game in which one player controls a group of ninja attacking a village that's defended by seven ronin (masterless samurai), which are controlled by the other player. The ninja player wins by occupying five of the village's ten areas, while the ronin player wins by surviving eight rounds.

Each turn starts with the players distributing their forces over the village areas simultaneously and separately. Their choices are then revealed, and combat resolved. Each of the ronin have a different special ability to aid the defender, while each of the village areas have a special ability usable by the attacker once it has been occupied.

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I am afraid I have, multiple times. Some include,

The impulse is almost always price related. I don't think I ever really buy a game without pretty decent research beforehand. But, when I see a game I know a fair amount about for a good price, I have often picked it up without thinking much about it, no matter if it was on my "must buy sometime" list or not.

I think that any Cole Werhle historical game will tempt me mightily. I am eagerly awaiting to see what he does with the second edition of #John Company.


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