Lords of Hellas

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Some glaring issues that need house rules to fix.


Comparisons to Lang's designs are inevitable, because this is a special powers-laden dudes on a map derivative. I love the theme (Greek Mythpunk is the aesthetic I always wanted without knowing it) and the components (though the terrain pack is a bit of a must and the Sundrop is a bit of a bust). The different victory conditions are interesting, but mean that everyone has to be on watch and vigilant lest the game end unsatisfyingly. The system itself is very clean, though, much more so than Lang's best known works (Blood Rage and Rising Sun).


A lot of "moving parts" with rules but once you learn it, you'll find the synergy of the mechanics flow rather smoothly. You need to be aware of what the other players are doing as one might sneak up and win one of the four victory conditions. Excellent game. Cool minis.