Conan RPG: Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror Tile Set


Explore strange dolmens left behind by lost cultures. Infiltrate the terrible Temple of Set. Feel the steaming heat of a Kushite jungle while running for your life! With these Conan gaming tiles your players no longer need to solely imagine where their characters are; they can see the terrain on the table.
From Hypnotic lotus dens to spider-haunted Stygian crypts, Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror brings your Hyborian Age to life.

Made with high quality card and featuring a full color laminated finish, this reversible 16 tile set card set (8 large and 8 half size) is marked with movement spaces to match the Conan boardgame by Monolith and features scenes from Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror, bringing Conan's grim Hyborian Age to barbarous life, by Crom!

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Conan RPG: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of or Conan is required to play.


MSRP: $26.99Lowest: $23.90

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