Lords of Vegas

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I love this game. The theme and actions all tie in. Everybody I have introduced this game to loves it. Always busy always collecting money even when it's not your turn. Victory point mechanism really focres you to expand and take chances late game taking over other casinos. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. Worse thing I can say about this game is it gets a little mathy in late turns counting all the pips and casinos every turn but you are making (fake) money so why complain.


Sold June 9 2019 at Pips and Peeps con.


awesome game that theme really comes out. I love that you can gamble at other peoples casinos for extra income, and that there are so many risky moves in the game. I love the whole aspect of building the strip and trying to take control of casinos. great game!


Too long And AP inducing for what it is, without that maybe will be an 8.5 or even a 9.


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Great game, even tho i don't care much for the theme much. Don't dismiss the fact that it's dice-heavy as it being purely luck. There is some (of course, since it's Vegas-themed), but there's a lot more strategy than there is apparent.


Lords of Vegas is a very entertaining game of area control and negotiation. Players are moguls trying to get the most out of several lots near the Strip. The game features a large amount of dice rolling and new lots are assigned randomly to players each turn. So luck plays a very big part in the game. Nevertheless, it all tends to balance due to the large number of rolls and lots assigned during the game. The game is a riot all throughout and it is very accessible so that even new players can compete with veterans.


Didn't enjoy my first game of this, as i started really well and basically got bashed at every opportunity by everyone else. The next game, played, begrudgingly, was a bit more fun. By the time the third game ended, my opinion has changed completely. Yes, there is an element of luck, BUT, there's more going on than just rolling dice.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/lords-vegas-2010/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/lords-vegas-2010-accessibility-teardown/


Just the right mix of luck, backstabbing, and tactical play. A rare breed of game that is very confrontational, yet everyone is still laughing.


What an extremely underrated game. So great. Always fun. Great to think about. Great to roll dice. Just great.